Hangmen Also Die!


Drama / Film-Noir / Thriller / War

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Anna Lee as Elsie Kornwald
Gene Lockhart as Archduke Gustav Ernest
Lionel Stander as Hugo Standoff
Walter Brennan as Taxi Driver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by secondtake 7 / 10 / 10

Fabulous for the time--right smack in the middle of it all

Hangmen Also Die! (1943) The best part of this movie is knowing it was made right in the middle of the war, not in some recreation of the events. It's a little hyperbolic, for sure, but really well acted (both the Nazis and the Czechs), and it ends up being a battle of wits and tricks between the two sides. Fritz Lang was a refuge from Nazi Europe and made this in Hollywood, with an expected sensibility for the cruelties and barbarism of the occupying nasties. And they probably were this nasty--worse, in truth, though less comically so, as the movie sometimes pushes it a bit. Still, really enjoyable, in all. Yet, somehow, it was long. The twists from one scene to another started to sound familiar, and the tension was sustained rather than invigorated, if that makes any sense. Brian Donlevy is the leading good guy here, and he's always a little less than compelling, though he is not in most of the scenes so I suppose that's fine. The double-crosser was played by Gene Lockhart, whose presence grows as the movie gets on, and by the end he's really pretty amazing (far beyond the caricature of, say, the judge he played in "Miracle on 34th Street"). Walter Brennan makes an appearance, recognizable mostly by his voice. Two of the Nazi higher-ups were terrific, both the Pilsner guzzling brute and the slightly comical but scary gestapo head. Lang is no fool, and he makes this movie not only a pleasure, but an important tool to remind viewers to be involved, to realize that you can fight oppression, even Nazi oppression, with enough wits and sacrifice.

Reviewed by evanston_dad 10 / 10 / 10

Good OId Fashioned WWII Propaganda

I was drawn to "Hangmen Also Die" for two reasons: 1. It's directed by Fritz Lang and 2. I thought it was a film noir. Well it's not remotely noirish, so anyone else who's intrigued by it for the same reason beware. It's an old school bit of pro-Allies WWII propaganda, and a pretty good one at that. The film is about a man hunt led by the Nazis to find the assassin of a high-ranking German official in an occupied Czech village. Brian Donlevy is the man they're looking for, and all sorts of Czechs suffer at the hands of the Nazis because the villagers collectively refuse to cooperate and turn Donlevy over to the authorities. The movie is a rallying cry for standing up to oppression and not giving into bullies, because once you do you've given them control over you. The plot is a bit convoluted, and there's a lot of it. The film clocks in at a meaty 130 minutes or so, long by the standards of the time and especially for a film like this. But I appreciated its grimness and its willingness to show some of the horrors of the conflict to its audience at the time the conflict was actually occurring. Gene Lockhart is despicable as a Nazi informer while Walter Brennan is marvelous (wasn't he always?) as a heroic academic. "Hangmen Also Die" received two Oscar nominations in 1943, one for its score by Hans Eisler and the other for its sound recording. Neither is especially remarkable, but those were the days when a whole slew of movies were nominated in those categories because of different Academy rules. Grade: A-

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 10 / 10 / 10

You Reap What You Sow

Most excellent story-telling and entertainment expertly acted out for over two hours that does all it is suppose to do and more ending on a most satisfying note. This is entertainment. Enjoy Brian Donlevy and others as they bring to you a time and place in history where the worst of mankind came to light in the Hitler era. His followers were ruthless unforgiving maniacs who could only be stopped by killing. All reason escaped these killers and for a good reason. They all knew what they did when they did it and knew the world would find out and not forgive. That was their motivation to go all out or nothing. They got nothing thanks to people who like in this movie decided to use their own lives to stop this madness. 50 million people lost their lives because of Hitler's Germany. This movie helps you to understand the premise and to side with the ones who stopped them at all costs. Starts out nicely, builds and plays with the emotions. Then, it picks up at a rapid pace, gets intense, throws in some thrills with plenty of action and the viewer is just hooked. The good news is that it holds you for some time and then lets you exit courtesy of a decent ending that goes to shows you how quality movie making with a good story is not hard to do and beats out some of the trash out there today that supposedly costs millions of dollars too. Phooey on all that. Get yourself a nice sandwich, a tasty drink and do not be disturbed for the next two hours. Treat yourself

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