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Charles Fleischer as Amon Feist
Dick Miller as Rabbi Walter Paisley
P.J. Soles as Mrs. Horowitz
Sid Haig as Judah Lazarus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Otkon 2 / 10 / 10

Oy, what a shanda.

Poor Sid Haig and Dick Miller. Both going out with this travesty as their last film. The premise seemed like it would be full of blasphemous satire in the vein of such schlocky classics as Silent Night Deadly Night and Black Christmas. But this monstrosity is just dire and unpleasant. The plot is razor thin. The "villain" is lame with a tired motivation. Every character is unsympathetic with cringe-worthy dialogue that ranges from absurd to proselytic. It is either trying too hard to be outrageous or taking itself way too seriously. But it never manages to be fun or even ironic. I was hoping for so much better.

Reviewed by Jester222 / 10

Bloodless, pointless, waste of Sid Haig talent.

I watch many films, I won many films. So I have seen a fair few that fall below a certain standard. I rarely score a film below 4 because I appreciate the work that must have gone into a film to get it made. I've seen some terrible films but got to the end. With this film I just couldn't watch more than an hour. Extremely rare. I just couldnt commit more time wasted. The acting is ok. The script is lazy and just appeals to Jewish people and even then I reckon they will find it boring and not funny. The deaths are mostly off screen. You see nothing at all. Which is inexcusable for a horror film. Zero tension or plot....... Poor Sid Haig (whom I respect) looked terribly unwell jn this, but he gave a great performance at the start of the film which made the film look dark and creepy....I had high Hope's.....then hes hone and the film becomes a lame Jewish kids at a extremely lame party and disappear one by one (off screen) Avoid. Avoid avoid. I added points purely for Sid Haig performanceand for the many posters of the film that copy famous films, Friday 13th, Halloween etc etc. And some great female bodies on show. The (Butter face) blonde who everyone is supposed to fancy has a great body........ but her face....... ewwww A rare low low score from me. Shouldn't have even been made.

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