Hard Kill


Action / Thriller

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August 26, 2020



Bruce Willis as Narrator
Jesse Metcalfe as Richie Howell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vagtea-36082 6 / 10 / 10

not bad

I hate trashing movies but i was laughing at the dialogue of this movie and how lack of character development there is in this movie i like how bruce willis in in it a little more but its what the people say in this flick that drives me crazy i like these action is good not great but could be better i will finish it but not now while im drinking because i only have one beer left

Reviewed by MovieNUN4youSinners 6 / 10 / 10

Slick low budget action

Metcalfe tries his best to drag Hard Kill beyond B-level status. He handles the physical aspects confidentially enough. It's almost a calling card for him to do a bigger budget action flick in the future. Willis is only in a 20 minutes as expected. Screenwriters Chris LaMont and Joe Russo stick to action movie bingo in crafting the script. The characters are thinly developed and the plot is basically the defend the castle, protect the king variety. It's predictable but fun enough. Worth a stream for a 90 min of mayhem.

Reviewed by BasicBitchKaren 6 / 10 / 10

Jesse and Bruce carry this

It's not exactly a new plot but for being low budget and shot in a single location its got an old school action charm to it. There's just enough variety to keep you watching till the final mono o mono showdown. 6/10 for me

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