Hard to Kill


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Dean Norris as Kalena
Kelly LeBrock as Queen Ariana
Steven Seagal as Det. Gino Felino
William Sadler as Senator Vernon Trent
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 7 / 10 / 10

Seagal and LeBrock look great together..

Seagal plays Mason Storm, a Los Angeles homicide detective who is seen on the dock, one night, with a video camera and a tape recorder, spying on mystery guys who were plotting to turn a political figure into a memory... Once he gets the evidence, Storm shares the information with a buddy, unaware that two crooked cops, in the next room, are listening in to their phone conversation... Later that night, an assassination squad turns their automatic weapons against Storm and his family... They murder his wife, fail to kill his young kid, but apparently left him seriously wounded... After Storm is taken to the hospital, he sank into a deep coma... His death was faked and his true identity was hidden away by a friend.. Seven years later, Seagal suddenly comes out of his coma, and begins to remember events that happened while he was conscious... When he regains his full consciousness, he asks his beautiful nurse, Kelly LeBrock, to get him immediately out of the hospital... In a house-sitting far back from the city, Storm prepares his health and wellness with Oriental healing traditions, stimulating the flow of energy within his body, by inserting fine needles into specific points on his skin... Once achieving his skills of vitality, he set out to avenge his wife's murder by tracking down the crooked cops, and of course the ambitious, cynical politician, who was behind the grand scheme of things... "Hard to Kill" is full of flying bullets and breaking-glass, with super-graphic fights and shootouts... Our great hero proves once again to have a threatening penchant for breaking bad men's arms, legs, wrists and backs... Seagal and LeBrock look great together.. Their palpable chemistry is well translated on the screen... The gorgeous model eventually married the wonderful man, and they would have three children... However, in 1996 the two divorced and LeBrock began appearing a bit more, taking part in the feature film 'Wrongfully Accused' (1998), opposite Leslie Nielsen and Richard Crenna...

Reviewed by action-6 6 / 10 / 10

Steven Seagal is hard to kill

Once again, Steven Seagal plays a cop, and this could have been the sequel to Above The Law(his first film). Steven Seagal is Mason Storm, and is gunned down with his family in 1984, after having taped a famous person discussing murder. However, Mason doesn`t die that easily, and he wakes up from his coma 6 years later. He escapes from the hospital, falls in love with his nurse, and begins hunting down the people who killed his family. The storyline in this movie is pretty basic Seagal-stuff: brotherhood, revenge etc. Overall a very entertaining movie, and the fight scenes are well fought by martial-art master Steven Seagal. 8/10

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Tension,thriller,intrigue with the tough Seagal in a film narrated with great agility and fast movement

The picture talks on the police agent called Storm(Seagal)whose family is wiped out by a corrupt politician, he is severely wounded and spends several years in coma.He awakes and executes a terrible vendetta, the happenings go out of control ,causing an incredible body-count against numerous evil-doers(William Sadler,Branscombe Richmond).He is only helped by a gorgeous nurse(his wife Kelly Le Brock,now days is divorced)and a good cop(Frederick Coffin). The film is combined of unstopped action,shoot out,violence,fighting, romance between both protagonists and a minimum characterization.Beside abundant fist fights in which body parts are slice off and limbs are slit or blasted apart.Savage and brutal killings make only recommended for those adults no squeamish and with strong stomach enough to take it.The movie gets a certain similarity with Charles Bronson films from ¨Death wish¨series for the matter,the avenger,thus the main personage ,the Vigilante, makes of judge,jury and executioner.It's a run a mill action movie because from the start until the end the action packed is continued ,in fact ,the final confrontation is breathtaking and extremely violent.The film is from Steven Seagal first period when the movies were of middling or high budget(Above the law,Marked for death,Out of justice,On deadly ground,The patriot),nowdays are of bow budget(Out of kill,Submerged,Foreigner,Black Dawn). The picture has an atmospheric synthesizer music fitting to action by David Michael Frank,nicely cinematography by Matthew F. Leonetti and is well realized by Bruce Malmuth.The motion picture provides fast and furious amusing and action nonstop with no sense developed with fast pace and movement.It's a must for the Seagal fans.

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