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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Catbutt 9 / 10 / 10

unique and enlightening documentary chronicles labor strike

This movie is a must-see for fans of socially active documentary film, or for those interested in the American labor movement. It sometimes loses momentum as it documents the details of a particular labor strike in a mining town in rural Kentucky; yet that particular strike yields many memorable moments, including flashes of violence and revelatory dialogue. The company men are deliciously slick and slimy, and their goons are so ornery, that it's easy to forget that these people are real! Where this film is at its best is where it uses historical footage and traditional labor songs to tie the strike to the larger past, and also where it explores other details of these people's lives -health issues, living conditions- that aren't specific to the strike. In this sense, the film becomes an important historical document of its own accord; unique, compelling, and enlightening to future generations.

Reviewed by clark1972 9 / 10 / 10

A great film that means a lot to us here.

Harlan County USA chronicles the last big strike here in Harlan county. It is very one sided and sympathizes with the miners and their families. But that is okay, considering that the miners were in the right. The film shows the utterly dismal conditions that coal operators were willing to put other human beings through to make a little more profit. The coal operator has never been a well liked person here in eastern Kentucky. Kopple does an excellent job of presenting life here and the solidarity among the strikers. She brilliantly juxtaposes the natural beauty against the extreme poverty. And it isn't just thirty years ago that there were places without running water. I know of homes without as recent as 1996 that had no running water and dirt floors. Sadly the mines that brought this area a little bit of wealth has almost completely died out. Strip mining has damaged a lot of our mountains and ruined streams. Mines are beginning to reopen after the Bush administrations relaxing of regulations. But they are hiring illegals to work at slave wages. The feudalistic society still pervades to this day here in Harlan county. I am glad to read all the glowing revues of the film and the affection expressed for the working people of Harlan county. Keep us in your minds and hearts and make sure as many people as possible see this film.

Reviewed by neilpollock 9 / 10 / 10

My favorite film

After voting for almost 1000 films in the Internet Movie Database I rate Harlan County USA as the best film I've ever seen. I think that means that it moved me more than any other. I've seen it four times but not for many years. Last night I watched the made for TV Harlan County War, but switched the video off half way through. It didn't add anything to the original documentary which also covered this long strike at the Brookside mine in 1973. In fact the dramatisation made the unfolding events of the strike look somewhat predictable and cliched - playing out with similarities to Norma Rae. In Barbara Kopple's film I was horrified that the strike was over something we here take for granted in Australia - the simple right for the workforce at a place of employment to be represented by a labor union. The hypocrisy of the US government's persistent claim that the nation is a leader in democratic rights was never been made so apparent (except perhaps in Salt of the Earth) What's so great about Harlan County USA? * The clarity of the portrayal of the grotesque power of monopoly capital * The way Koppel and crew are right in there, every day, every night - totally committed to the struggle, not just observers They're not your back to the city at 5pm chroniclers - they're in there for the long haul. * The way that representatives of Duke Power so eloquently state their sheer nastiness and lack of basic humanity * The evocative portrayal of the tensions amongst the strikers and the ebbs and flows of enthusiasm, optimism, despair, pessimism, solidarity, and opportunism. * The way it captures the dimension of violence in US labor relations - in the land of the gun. * The emergence of stong women and the pivotal role they played. * The haunting music of Hazel Dickens. * The moving songs of black-lung affected Nimrod Workman. * The dramatic juxtaposition of the beauty of the woods and hollows and the grinding poverty and deplorable living conditions. * The broader chronicling of the conditions in the "Other America". * The trip to New York to put their case and a great conversation between a Kentucky miner and a police officer. Above all this is a film that can inspire the powerless to take on the mighty - because working people do have tremendous bargaining power, if they stay resilient and united.

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