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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10 / 10

starts off slowly, but hold tight--it's well worth the wait!

During the first 20 minutes of the movie, I was rather disappointed--I expected more interesting characters in a Marcel Pagnol story. However, as the film slowly unfolded, the not so interesting characters gave way to much more endearing ones. It's as if those you see in the beginning who you THINK are the leads are really just setting the stage for the REAL film to begin! The main plot involves a nice bachelor who lives in an almost totally deserted hillside town. He is lonely but has relied on himself so long he has all but given up hope on finding a mate. The only other resident, an old lady, promises to bring him someone soon. At this same time, we meet a very hapless woman who has been through hell. The two lonely people eventually meet and form an almost instant attachment that is just beautiful to watch. Seeing this kind but gruff older man fall for and cherish this lady is a joy to behold.

Reviewed by rberrong-1 10 / 10 / 10

A rare improvement over the literary source

Movie adaptations of novels usually leave one regretting things that had to be left out. This movie is an exception. It is, in my opinion, a real IMPROVEMENT on the literary source, Jean Giono's Regain. The novel is sort of like French Pearl Buck: strong silent types working the earth, simple folk with all the admirable qualities: hard work, honesty, etc. In principle, very good, but in Giono's handling, understated to the point of tedium, since his novel is very clichéd. Pagnol, aided by some very fine performers, especially the male lead, who is remarkable in this movie, brings a series of clichés to life. I couldn't sit through The Good Earth a second time, but this I could very definitely see again with pleasure.

Reviewed by misterbonesm 10 / 10 / 10

Only the French

Only a culture that attaches as much value to the art of communication as it does to imagery and form could produce directors like Renoir, Godard, Clouzot, Malle, Truffaut, etc. etc. (the list is long), who in turn rendered such towering, influential films as The Grand Illusion, Wages of Fear, Beauty and the Beast, etc. etc. (another very long list). Say what you like about the French, but the fact is, they love to listen as much as talk, and they have refined both to high art. This film's central character, a lonely hunter, is one of the least verbose Frenchmen you will ever encounter--there are few strong, silent types in France--but this simple trait (and Gabrio's effortless, natural performance) sets Panturle apart and makes him one of the most endearing protagonists in all cinema. Harvest is not a spectacular film; it functions like its protagonist, simple, sometimes foolish and comical, but always sincere and deliberate. Panturle's mind is slow, but his spirit is unstoppable, from the time he determines to set free the sad, despair-ridden Arsule and take her for his wife, through the difficult process of reinventing himself as a farmer, to his final test, which he confronts with conscience-clearing honesty and firm humility: paying off the clown Gedemus and sending him on his way. There is beauty here enough for ten films, all of which quietly revolves around Panturle and his few words. Pagnol (who named the dying mountain village after his native town) created a number of masterpieces. Harvest is the Panturle of his films: simple, unassuming, truthful, loyal, and the heart of the ouevre. NOTE: This film is fading from memory. It is in desperate need of restoration. Anyone...?

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