Harvest Love


Comedy / Romance

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Chiara Zanni as Nicole Reed
Jen Lilley as Charlotte Bennett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kelstokes-88695 8 / 10 / 10

Better than Unleashing Mr. Darcy

I thought this movie was great. I really like Ryan Peavey but I couldn't really get that into Unleashing Mr. Dracy. I recommend this movie.

Reviewed by simonjohns-08574 8 / 10 / 10

WOW - A classic

Snubbed by the Academy but there's a lot to love in this farm based love caper. Character depth and intriguing sub-plots gives the film far more complexity than your typical Hallmark film. The one cow pat in this agricultural affair is the male lead - Ryan Paevey. Rock hard abs and a solid gilet is no match for unconfident acting. Very unconvincing fixing the sink. He seems to only come alive when looking at Jen's pears

Reviewed by jaxun-14085 8 / 10 / 10


It's a Hallmark movie. Predictable plots, fine actors/actresses, and beautiful scenery. It's supposed to be a feel good movie and it definitely worked. I'm a recent widower and it's difficult for me to watch these bc my wife loved them. I'm going to admit that since she passed, the movies have become a guilty pleasure. So I guess this movie is more appealing bc of this.

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