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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vivekchandra007 7 / 10 / 10

Decent movie.

It is a nice attempt by Vikram Bhatt. Good acting skills shown by lead actors. Story is different from regular horror movies and no beating about the bush is there. The central part of the movie is the emotion and pain of the actress. Thats is heard superbly in the track 'Sau baras guzre'. There aren't any superb extremely scary horror scenes. I feel the emotional part of the movie took over the horror part and scenes are loaded with emotions, if watched in true sense of a movie without any prior expectations related to the element of scare or horror. Overall, its a one-time watch movie. Enjoy India's first stereoscopic 3D horror flick. This is my personal opinion about the movie. NOM to anyone.

Reviewed by labzy_1692 9 / 10 / 10

better than 1920 and even MOST of Indian horror movies

I'm not gonna lie...but I had little expectation from this movie...the actors were all new and the story looked similar to that of 1920 and movies of the (EXORCISM) theme... The movie was quite good....actually better than 1920 ....the acting could have been better(specially female lead(Mira)) but I understand ,all the actors were new and it was a job well done at last. The movie had some scares and amazing scenes ...but the best part of the movie was a beautiful love story amidst a disturbing horror tale.In fact, the strength and dominance of the love story overshadows the horror element at some occasions.This movie however, didn't forget to add a little Indian touch to it despite the fact that the director tried to make it look pretty Americanised.If 1920 was a classy horror movie....this was maybe classier and the 3D did nothing but adding positives to the movie. The soundtracks were awesome and the cinematography was classy like 1920. horror element-7/10 acting-5/10 script-8/10 direction-6/10 soundtrack-7/10 IN short, don't miss it...:)

Reviewed by namashi_1 9 / 10 / 10

Scary & Entertaining...

Vikram Bhatt's 'Haunted 3D', is Horror at its best! Being the first stereoscopic film of India, this scary tale, offers scary moments all through and holds you with it's interesting screenplay. Fear, indeed goes 3D! 'Haunted 3D' tells the story of Rehan, played by Mahaakshay, a real-estate broker, who comes to sell an ancient haunted mansion in a secluded hill-station, but later finds out there is more to this mansion than expected. Amin Hajee's Writing in the First-Hour is superb! The haunting the protagonist goes through, throw chills down your spine & keeps your interest alive. In the second hour, an unexpected twist happens and only gathers it's momentum and reaches to a long, yet good culmination. Vikram Bhatt is a Master when it comes to Making Horror Flicks, and 'Haunted 3D' proves that fact yet again. This one's a terrific horror flick, that is eerie, creepy & interesting at the same time. The 3D effects are quite good. Cinematography is top-notch. Editing is fine. Music is wonderful, each song has a feel to it. Performance-Wise: Mahaakshay, earlier known as Mimoh, who debuted in 'Jimmy' a few years back, shows vast improvement in here. As the Main Hero, the lad delivers a sincere performance from start to end. Debutant Tia Bajpai is quite good. Achint Kaur leaves a lasting impression. Arif Zakaria is fantastic! The actor manages to cause a terror within you each time he appears on screen! Mohan Kapoor is fair. Sanjay Sharma is passable. On the whole, 'Haunted 3D' is a must watch for those who love Horror Flicks!

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