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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pbrosmer 10 / 10 / 10

Seriously captivating Indy feature film with great story line and engaging characters

I've had the opportunity to see HAZE on the big screen twice. It's gritty, captivating, funny, sexy, misogynistic and appalling all at the same time. This is a great full-length ride through the rituals of "Greek" college life. A sophisticated screen-play tells the story of two brothers at odds with each other over pledging to a fraternity known for egregious hazing practices and the films voyeuristic-like point of view makes you feel like you're watching as a fly on the wall while all the debauchery goes down. People will be talking about this one!

Reviewed by bigskyibizans 10 / 10 / 10

About half accurate

I was in a sorority while in college and was a little sister in a fraternity. I know for a fact that most frats hazed. A lot has changed and there are numerous new ways to torture someone. So I agree with most of what Haze portrays regarding pledge hazing. BUT the sorority participation in their hazing is pure fiction. The portrayal of the sorority hazing is also fictitious. Something that is always overlooked in any of the movies about fraternities and sororities is this. THE primary function of any Greek organization is philanthropy. Yes we partied. But we also raised thousands of dollars for our philanthropy. The fraternities helped us and the sororities helped the fraternities. Just thought I would bring that up because it's never portrayed in this movie or any other like it.

Reviewed by rexano 10 / 10 / 10

Realistic Depiction of Greek Life

I think this film captures the realities of Greek Life and hazing today incredibly well. All you have to do is read about what just happened at Penn State to see the horrific hazing that goes on today. I know first hand that this happens almost exactly as it appears in the movie. Reviewers who don't think that it's accurate have had a very sheltered, narrow experience in my opinion. But I'm happy they were not hazed the way so many people are all over the country are. It's an epidemic, and getting worse. This movie sheds a light on it. Everyone in Greek Life or people thinking of joining a fraternity or sorority should see HAZE. Plus, it's just an awesome movie - very entertaining and intense.

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