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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dennis-68 8 / 10 / 10

Use Your Head

C'mon folks. Do you really think the producer, director and cast intended this to be serious? A tongue-in-cheek parody of all those cheesy horror flicks I used to enjoy as a kid -- that's what I think this is supposed to be. Belly laughs? No. But I did find myself chuckling on occasion at the subtle touches and I was continually amused by and pleased with the thing. In this day of bloated, anything-goes, lowest common denominator comedy, this is a pleasant departure because it's serving up all those types of films (hence the over-the-top family of misfits, the gratuitous sex, etc.) and it's right on target. And personally, I think the acting is way above average here --they're making fun of all the bad acting that goes on in these films. It's too bad some of my fellow reviewers here tried to take this film as serious scary stuff. It's not intended to be that. I think it's poking fun at an entire genre. It's a well crafted little movie that dares to be different. I appreciated -- and enjoyed -- it.

Reviewed by lordzedd-3 9 / 10 / 10

Another unique flick from Full Moon

Now I got to admit, there is allot wrong with this film, there are serious character issues. For one, the Stagpool family is doing twisted experiments and murdering people. Lance is a hood that blackmails them, so he's not much of a hero either. So, again like BLOOD DOLLS, with two opposing sides both bad, it's hard to know who to route for. But the Stagpool mutants are kind of cool, Myron is my favorite of the male members of the family. Now he said he has a fascination with the human brain, but what was the goal. Brain experimenting without a goal is just playing. The character issues aside, it is a watchable movie during a late night and you can't sleep. 7 STARS.

Reviewed by gavin6942 9 / 10 / 10

A Prime Example of Horror, Though Maybe Not Great Horror

In an effort to steal one man's wife, the protagonist Lance has a family of freaks kidnap the man and he then blackmails them to keep the whole affair silent. Many and perhaps most people would write this film off as being incredibly stupid and a horrible movie. And maybe they're right. But I think there are some things in this movie that should not be overlooked. First, the sheer excess of nudity and sexual activity. While in most films it would be completely unnecessary, this film seems to realize how silly the whole thing is and continues pushing the nudity to become even more outrageous. Half the plot develops while the main female lead is nude. Second, the plot is more intricate than many might assume. The plot, as outlined in my first sentence, is nothing spectacular. But they made the plot deeper and more serious when they put in a series of "what if" moments that arise when we hear about he hiring of multiple lawyers for use in the blackmail plot. What could have been a simple device is now a battle of the wits. Third, the film seems stupid because the ideas are silly and the nudity overshadows the rest of the film. But actually pay attention to the dialogue and you'll see the writer is a clever wordsmith. Such phrases as "foul play of the permanent variety" suggest this man would have had a good contract working for "Buffy the Vapire Slayer". If you like cheesy horror films, this is one you shouldn't pass up on. And you know it's cheesy because it's Full Moon Entertainment (makers of the "Puppet Master" series). While the gore is at a minimum, the b-movie schlock is at an all-time high!

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