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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mwild-92273 10 / 10 / 10

A must see movie about God's redemptive forgiveness

Writer and director, Mitch Teemley did a great job of showing God's redemptive purpose for forgiveness which brings healing and restoration in the midst of great tragedy and injustice. The movie is raw and real. A breath of fresh air in a cinematic world where revenge and vigilante justice is the normal fare. A well-done faith-based movie. Definitely worth watching.

Reviewed by bascha-45587 10 / 10 / 10

Faith-based films are getting better.

I've seen my share of "faith-based" films and been disappointed. ("The writing, directing, and acting were awful, but other than that it was a great movie.") Lately, however, films with spiritual themes are exhibiting the kind of quality that the subject deserves. Being familiar with some of Mitch Teemley's work, I was anticipating excellence, and I wasn't disappointed. Like some of the other reviewers, I was a little surprised that the "man of God" in this story is a Catholic priest. It was refreshing to see him portrayed as a normal man, who responds with as much shock, grief, and dismay as any other man would as he tries to make sense of what has happened in light of his faith. The emotions portrayed were very relatable, and at the end there is at least one character who is still struggling to accept the outcome. There are some very poignant, defining moments in the story, including dreams, that take us on the journey with the grieving mother from craving revenge to healing. I can't say I was entirely surprised at the way things turned out; I have heard of such things happening in real life. But the main reason I found the satisfying ending entirely believable is because I recognize the unseen lead Character, who makes the impossible possible.

Reviewed by LiviusAndronicus 10 / 10 / 10

Not Your Typical "Religious" Film

This film provides a powerful and accurate picture of the power of forgiveness and mercy. And it does it while-thankfully-avoiding the tropes that plague lesser productions dealing with the subject of Christianity. It offers a candid portrayal of the rage and desire for revenge experience by nearly everyone (including Christians) when they are victimized. Rather than simplistically (and inaccurately) painting forgiveness as something that is easy to offer, the actual internal struggle is displayed extremely well. It is quite believable. Especially with the presence of so many prayers of lamentation. (See King David's psalms, the writings of Jeremiah, and other biblical illustrations of such prayer.) One reason for the film's novel treatment of the subject matter may be that it reflects an evangelical Catholic perspective. Unlike most religious movies, it is not base on some fundamentalist or "nondenominational" theological approach. Nor is it inspired by the liberal theology (e.g. universal salvation) that pervades much of Roman Catholicism today. This film, on the contrary, strikes a realistic chord because the faith of the characters is real. It is anchored in a trust in a living God, and recognition that Christianity is about infinitely more than going through religious motions. Mitch Teemley, along with his cast and production team, have done a great job creating a moving and convincing drama that persuasively portrays the deepest struggles of real life.

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