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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccscd212 7 / 10 / 10

Groundbreaking, but not without problems.

Normally I don't like to know much about a film before viewing it. I feel it allows me to watch a movie with a more open mind and makes the watching experience thus more enjoyable. However, in the case of Heart of Glass, not knowing that most of the cast is hypnotized and that Hias's prophecies are the actual prophecies of a Bavarian peasant would probably lead me to deem the film pretentious and confusing. That said, knowing these facts, the film is quite remarkable. I wouldn't read to much into the allegory part of it-- which is to say that I wouldn't say it's an allegory of something specific in history. I'd say it's more allegoric of human life in general. Senselessly pursuing something unattainable, understanding the value of friendship only when it's too late, wrestling foes that only we can see, foolishly rowing into unknown waters, etc. A fine film, not Herzog's best, but an intriguing one indeed.

Reviewed by tho-3 8 / 10 / 10

No accounting for taste... power begets strong reaction

Unlike Herzog's other movies, with their super-realistic substrate on which he paints our miserable human condition, Heart of Glass is an allegory, a fable told to peasants as a cautionary tale: the human heart is precious... and the peasants are us, and we violate that warning everyday, in a thousand little ways, with our stupidity and our pettiness... Is the movie slow? perhaps... Do I still remember scenes vividly from the movie as if I saw it yesterday, though it's been more than 20 years? oh yes... this movie haunts me, unlike any other movie I've ever seen

Reviewed by mstomaso 8 / 10 / 10

Mesmerizing, but an Acquired Taste

Each of Herzog's films is an experiment in one way or another. Heart of Glass is one of the most overtly experimental of the lot. Like almost all of Herzog's films, Heart of Glass makes the most of spectacular landscapes and visual context - every scene is, in its own way, a beautiful still-life. However, in Heart of Glass, the effect of the visual context is compounded by the fact that almost every member of the cast - throughout the entire film - is in a state of hypnosis. Predictably, the acting is, to say the least, avant-garde. Nevertheless, characterization is strong, and more importantly, this bizarre, somewhat jarring method of execution creates the film's time and place just as much as the gorgeous landscape shots. Heart of Glass takes place in 19th century Bavaria. The Director's comments (always worth hearing after viewing a Herzog film) indicate that Herzog grew up in a place very much like this. This doesn't stop Herzog from turning his keen analysis of the human condition and modal personalities to attack the central problems of life in this time and place. The story involves a small town in crisis. The one person who holds the secret that is the key to the town's prosperity has taken that secret to his grave, and the master of the glass factory in which he worked is losing his mind looking for a solution. Meanwhile, one of the film's more sympathetic character's, a deeply insightful prophet/lunatic shepherd (with no sheep), Hias, predicts an even greater crisis. Herzog's most consistent theme - his view of human nature - is powerfully illustrated in Heart of Glass. As the great director has often done, Herzog universalizes his view by giving us an essentially alien, dream-like setting and atmosphere. The effect of the cast's hypnotic state is even more jarring than the sheer intensity of Klaus Kinski's performances in many of Herzog's films from this period, and Heart of Glass is as avant-garde as some of his later efforts (such as The Great Blue Yonder). In other words, the average cinema-goer will have a difficult time with this one. Recommended for Herzog, avant-garde and art-film fans. Not recommended for anybody else.

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