Heart of the Beholder



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Chloë Grace Moretz as The Princess Kaguya
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tedcordes 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent presentation of a controversial subject/

Since this movie deals with the controversial issue of freedom of expression of even disagreeable subject matter, it is bound to elicit extreme views on all sides of the issue. HEART OF THE BEHOLDER successfully deals in a humanistic way with the controversy surrounding one business and it's belief in the free market system of making video tapes of commercial movies available for sale to those who were interested. This did not mean pornography, but rather several main stream movies that aroused objections because they dealt with subject matter that often challenged certain strongly held beliefs. While the movie definitely has a point of view, it fairly deals with all facets of the controversy and delivers an emotional impact in telling it's heartbreaking story.

Reviewed by d-grogg 8 / 10 / 10

An Illustration of emotional/verbal terrorism

When people's control issues get mixed up in their religion, then it is trouble for anyone who does not agree with their rigid, jargon based belief system. This is well illustrated in "Heart of the Beholder." Well worth the viewing. The script, however, though chock full of possibilities, came off a bit shallow in the story-telling. I believe this was due to the fact that there is so much of the story to tell and you only have two hours to tell it. There are some great scenes throughout the film where each actor gets their moment to shine. This is a great film to see on how NOT to behave as a Christian. "Heart of the Beholder" illustrates that fundamentalist terrorism exists in every religion. There is no 'right' in ruining someone's life, livelihood, or terrorizing their family and saying that God says it's okay. One cannot say that God is love and then behave with violence, verbal or otherwise, to prove it. I happened to have seen "Last Temptation of Christ" when it came out in the '80's and found it a great film bringing home the fact the Jesus was human, he had doubts and he most likely went to the bathroom just like the rest of us. Funny how Jesus never terrorized people into seeing things his own way. His temper tantrum in the temple was based on the fact that the vendors had turned sacred ground into a market place. In that cast he became what one might call "A Holy Terror," but never when he was teaching or healing did he behave with verbal/emotional/physical abuse. Neither should we.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 8 / 10 / 10

Who's the man?

The movie brings back those fond memories of biggest controversy of the 1980's: VHS or Beta-max. The era when only two types of people wore large crosses: Madonna fans and terrorists. This film is set amidst of the era when the far political right gained power by murdering abortion doctors, protesting evil Disney films, and manipulating DAs. Mike (Matt Letscher) and Diane (Sarah Brown) open a successful chain of video stores. In spite of the fact these stores closed down most of the adult movie theaters in the world, the religious right was upset it was renting a video entitled "The Last Temptation of Christ" to people who wanted to see the movie, unlike the protesters who never saw the film. Rather than toss the movie out, Mike and Diane decide to keep renting the film under some obscure law seeming known only to liberals as "The First Amendment." Now personally I would not consider this film worthy to draw a line in the sand over. In my neighborhood they stuck the film in the adult section and claimed to have removed it from the store. This film progresses at a good clip. The drama wasn't overly intense. There was some minor humor to keep the subject matter from getting too dry. Tony Todd plays a minor role as Chuck Berry. This was Chloë Grace Moretz debut film, and she doesn't have much of a role. The movie tosses in an F-bomb with some sex and nudity (Katelin Chesna) which was a bit disappointing. Not that Katelin was disappointing, but that they had it in the film to begin with. It really didn't add anything to the film and could have easily been done without it, reaching a younger audience.

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