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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ZyaRep20 8 / 10 / 10

You have to know what you're watching...

This is a low budget movie. Yes, and I could hammer it for it's shortcomings, but I did think that it had some great moments too. A few bad ones, but some moments it felt like a big movie. So I liked it overall. I mean I like fantasy movies, and I am a Christian. Bad acting? Not like tons of other b movies. The guy that said bad acting is not correct. While some over acted a bit, sure, the main cast was pretty good albeit unknown. The guy that gave it a 1 because it wasn't a Christian movie. Um, metaphors and allegories? Um, Jesus spoke in parables? It's about as plain as day in this movie.

Reviewed by alyssahuberfilms 1 / 10 / 10

Pretty good for low budget! (may contain spoilers)

I personally know the director and main actor from my college so I'm a little biased here--I've been rooting for these guys for a while! But I'll aim to give a balanced review. (may contain spoilers) The shots and color grading were amazing (9/10). There were a few shots that felt a bit off, but overall very well done. Special effects were great for the budget--obviously not Hollywood level, but still convincing enough. Acting overall was great, especially Patrick Thompson as Vangel and Eric Tiede as Wiles Pratt. Costumes were on point (9/10), and the soundtrack was incredible (10/10). The mouth movements of the orc-like creatures (demons?) were minimal and awkward but I'm guessing that's due to a wardrobe issue (masks I think). The story was decent, but kinda generic and at times hard to follow (5/10) especially if you're watching from a secular perspective. I would have liked to see more of Vangel's backstory to give his character more substance. But I really enjoyed the exposition/backstory scene narrated by Elder, those were some great shots and brought more life into the story (and cleared up some things I was confused on). I appreciate that the energy between Vangel and Ezera was tender without giving into a stereotypical romance trope (where the hero gets the girl). I liked Ezera as a strong female character. I can picture the average Christian viewer who likes fantasy movies (like Lord of the Rings) appreciating this film. Thanks Matt Bilen, Patrick Thompson and all the other collaborators for producing this film against all odds, it was really cool getting to see it in its final form.

Reviewed by annus_sanctus 1 / 10 / 10

Rubbish as rubbish can be: not a Christian movie

First of all, abusing the title of John Bunyan's book " A Pilgrim's Progress" doesn't make your movie great, doesn't make it look like it is the same story, and it definately is not alike that story. Much in this movie is not Christian at all. Seems they prefer to please the world rather than bring a genuine Christian "fantasty" movie. A "fabled good king"? Meaning God? The acting, the special effects, the story, it is all bad as can be. And much in this movie is more from the evil side than from the good side. The only good work is the cinematography/camerawork. Some may see this as finally a "Christian fantasy" movie, but the last part is more present than the first one. Avoid it if you can.

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