Hell or High Water


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 98%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 90%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 175,496


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June 20, 2019


Ben Foster as Travis
Chris Pine as Self
Jeff Bridges as Jack Forrester
Katy Mixon as Michelle Fell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rcastl2335 2 / 10 / 10

Shaky grasp on the fundamentals

When a film that is loudly and ostentatiously set in Cowboy Texas is actually filmed in neighboring New Mexico you know the director has a shaky grasp on his materials. When I saw Hell Or High Water in the theater I thought it was about two alcoholic idiots who sit on porches drinking beer before going out and committing violent acts. Seeing it recently on cable tv I realized it's actually about THREE alcoholic idiots who sit on porches drinking beer before going out and committing violent acts. Pine and Foster sling credible Southern accents, which is astonishing in a Hollywood film. Jeff Bridges merely regurgitates the accent and attitude of his last two movies, Crazy Heart and True Grit. (It was wearing thin in True Grit.) There are a number of good, funny, evocative lines in the film, most of them spoken by passers-by. The final scene is, however, a standout. It comes about an hour and thirty-nine minutes into a movie that runs an hour and forty-two minutes. The soundtrack is a good one. Watch the trailer, buy the soundtrack is my advice.

Reviewed by B Fitz 7 / 10 / 10

Some good moments but just a shootemup.

This movie dragged on for me. It was just a bit above a total grade B movie but definitely NOT worth my time. Credibility stretching reality bothered me. I especially disliked the Texas oriented gun culture. At one robbery one gun packing guy on the floor sneaks it out to try to be a hero. It ends badly for him as it does for the guard. Immediately after that the ruckus attracts about a dozen gun packing 2Nd Amendment hero wannabes that come "heroically" blazing guns afire after the 2 bad guys. In spite of riddling their pickup truck with dozens of penetrating rounds they receive only ONE flesh wound! Then in a follow on fire fight the dozen "heroes" are assaulted by the bad guy with an automatic weapon rapidly firing about 4 FULL cases of ammo at reasonably close range missing everyone. REALLY???? Well it adds excitement for sure. But it moves the movie down to the level of a cheap guy flick with action. The 2nd Amendment Texans of course will feel vindicated other than the fact that had no gun been pulled, no one would have been injured in the robbery, much less killed. The implied harmless ness of major gunfire in this movie is disturbingly unreal and is the final "shot" that makes is a cheap thriller.

Reviewed by jonathan-harris17 7 / 10 / 10

Builds into something memorable

On the face of it this is a standard cops-and-robbers bank heist tale, with a chalk/cheese pair of protagonists and a cliche edge-of-retirement lawman to give chase. The script here though is sharper than your average. Jeff Bridges (on form) as the lawman, pulls out zingers a-plenty and there's generally plenty of black humour to go around. A deft melding of the ol' Slow West (gun) stock with a modern layering of dead-end ghost towns and bank foreclosures: the huge Texan landscapes & skies, both entirely empty, the camera snaps up whenever the opportunity arises, the moody score (when not dipping into Country-Rock) and dialogue all contributing to the very definite feel of a moody mourning, like something in this world is lost or broken. Old fashioned American film-making, albeit from a Scottish director, I found this is a little lethargic to get going but by the end I was completely sold.

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