Hero of the Underworld



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Catherine Mary Stewart as Detetective Mary Neal
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tkarlmann 7 / 10 / 10

This movie grows on you!

At first I thought the acting was, well, perhaps not the best. Then I realized we had a definitely flawed main character who's been through a lot. The story intrigued me and the end result was a fine film, IMO.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 7 / 10 / 10

The party could continue

Amazon description: "Dylan Berrick is the polished and skillful Overnight Manager of the Century Grand, one of the most classy and upscale hotels in the city. After a shocking night, when a woman named Holly is nearly beaten to death in the hotel by her boyfriend Davis, Dylan takes it upon himself to seek out Holly and become her savior, rescuing her from the drug underworld that he himself is familiar with." Holly (Nicole Fox) was beat up, but not "nearly beaten to death." Dylan (Tom Malloy) wants to save Holly from a street life, while he suffers from the same demons. While the Century Grand is a posh hotel, it has elements that are close to the street. Dylan is great at what he does because of his street smarts, but his job suffers when he suffers. The film is a good drama. It is not a vigilante film as the title might suggest. A bit on the slow side, not for everyone. Good performances. Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Sex talk.

Reviewed by beckma 7 / 10 / 10

Addict Dylan relapsing after the death of his girlfriend helps a young girl who gets beat up by boyfriend.

If you are looking for action not this but being in the life's situation like Dylan I liked how he took it upon himself to be that Hero to a stranger an got real emotional over this woman's situation. Trying to do drugs to help numb the pain is a major reason why people let themselves get into that underworld of illegal drugs to change the life style they were living. The only action in this movie is when Dylan thinks the girl that got beat up was dead not answering his calls and the recent death of Linda, a known call girl at the Hotel where Dylan worked at night I would like to know what he whispered to her at the ending left you wondering.I did like the working situation at the Hotel Dylan worked at with everyone watching each others back so they would not get fired.

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