Heroes and Cowards



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 3 / 10 / 10

Did a 5th grader write and direct this mess?

The answer is no, they would've done a much better job! Writer, producer and director Harald Franklin needs to keep his day job. Firstly, has he heard of the sponge that goes over microphones? It's the thingy you use so your audience can hear the dialogue instead of the wind. The entire sound was horrible and poorly edited - if it even was. The score was constant, annoying, loud and unfitting and was at least double the volume of the dialogue. His directing on every level was atrocious, including failing to direct his cast and his scenes. The screenplay was like blindly taping together a shredded script. It was convoluted, riddled with plot and technical issues and the story made no sense. There were too many unnecessary and long dragged out scenes that I ended up forwarding thru most of them. The 94 min runtime felt like 3 hours with the slow pacing and horrible story. I'm guessing it was meant to be some lame political statement? The kill-shot S/VFX, and the acting were the only redeeming qualities, and even that was sub-par. Franklin needs to pay for some "Film School 101" classes before he attempts another production. Probably the worst film I've seen this year. A very generous 3/10 from me

Reviewed by lakes-49068 1 / 10 / 10

Rotten Tomatoes.

What a Terrible Movie...Story has more holes than a Sieve ! Actors Fair...Lead has more lives than a Cat ! Sound "Production" Very Loud in Gunfire etc then Too Soft in Speaking Parts... 1 Star for Trying,Do better next time !!!

Reviewed by psxvince 1 / 10 / 10

Nubbs and Dumboos

Ooowh my, i was looking so much forward to this movie. What a waste of my time. The story is credible, but the acting and directing is really bad. Soldiers dont go in to combat like that and they dont retreat like that when you have the upper hand and best position to encounter the enemy. Even my grandpa is moving better than these soldiers. If you use actors for this kind of movies please get actors would had have basic combat training. A big no go, i didnt even finish the movie, its to annoying.

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