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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crugzy13 10 / 10 / 10

Up and Coming Cinekat filmworks HESPERIA

The debut feature low budget independent film is exactly what the indie film industry is about. Flawed in many ways as most films in this inde low budget film category, However, it is an inspiration from first time feature writer & director Steven Helgoth, whose unmistakeable subtle hand deftly leads a strong cast of Hollywood's up and comers who deliver some excellent performances. While the script tends to meander a bit, the eventual twists and turns never stop. It is a cautionary tale of idle time and having too much of it. From the campelling opening scene that takes place in any back alley USA to the final ironic twist. It is a window into the extroadinary circumstances of ordinary lives. It is an impressive first feature building a solid foundation for Cinekat to move forward in exciting new directions. If you love the CRAFT of film, see it.

Reviewed by dawhiteboysdaddy 4 / 10 / 10

Stinker !

Just NO !.Don't waste a bag of popcorn !

Reviewed by nijazmuratovic 4 / 10 / 10

realistic typical negative crime

I liked this movie for showing small real things that also happen in our real life (family, neighborhood, childhood). Fear, abuse, arguing, financial problems, enemies, burglary, crime, cellphones, addictions. Everything is so real and common like in at least my life. Although feelings of fear, worry, and sadness are dominant and negative and not useful probably, they are at least appropriate for the situation. This movie teaches us to grow up, to take care of ourselves, problems, our families. It is mostly about crime and life. But other than that, nothing special to see, and probably even boring. The only difference this noticable in this movie compared to most and especially older movies is awareness of technology like iphones, camera, youtube. Shows us how it is easy to see crime on YouTube, LiveLeak, BestGore, something that previously was rare or impossible. This movie reminds me about childhood fears and worries, which unfortunately even animals have to experience (as part of growing up, caring for somebody or something).

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