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Reviewed by DeuceWild_77 7 / 10 / 10

"Mister, you can say anything you want about me... I'm gonna have to ask you not to talk about my horse that way."

Directed by Joe Johnston, the man behind the excellent & severely underrated "The Rocketeer" ('91) which was also a period piece, "Hidalgo" is a biographical adventure film loosely based on the life of Frank T. Hopkins and his mustang, Hidalgo that competed on a long distance Middle Eastern race called itself "Ocean of Fire", against the best pure- blooded Arabian horses. The real life Hopkins and his alleged exploits were most likely fictional / tall stories told by a 'fabulator' man that once was a professional horseman performing with the Ringling Brothers Circus. Even if it wasn't all true, the Hopkins & Hidalgo's daring adventure across the scorching desert of Arabia was the perfect scenario for an adventure / drama film shot on location, with a sense of the classic swashbuckling style, long gone from the Entertainment Industry of nowadays. It looks & feels something like a lighthearted / toned-down version of such classics as "Lawrence of Arabia" meets "Dances with Wolves" with an Indiana Jones urge to it, some of the funny gags & action sequences are even based (or more like a tribute) to the world's most famous archaeologist. Smartly, the director Johnston keeps the CGI effects to a minimum, only when was strictly necessary (like the sandstorm who reminds a lot the less-inspired Stephen Sommers' blockbuster, "The Mummy") which enhanced the old school filmmaking factor. "Hidalgo" is an entertaining, upbeat & reckless ride that moves at nicely pace, competent photographed by Shelly Johnson with great sets & costume design and great performances all around from Viggo, still in the heroic & manly, but sensitive role of an Aragorn type of character to the legendary & sorely missed, Omar Sharif in a gracious & witty role as the Sheikh Riyadh. Malcolm McDowell, C. Thomas Howell & J.K. Simmons also provided interesting cameos, but above them all, T.J. as the beautiful mustang Hidalgo, deserves the highest praise.

Reviewed by nicholls_les 7 / 10 / 10

Too long, Drawn out and Bad casting

What can I say, I thought I would enjoy it but I didn't. It seems they spent enough to make this a good movie and the scenery and effects were very good, but for me it didn't work. I think this was mainly down to it being too drawn out with many boring unnecessary bits but also because for me the casting was all wrong. Viggo Mortensen has no charisma or star presence and in no scene did he seem capable of anything. Maybe he looks like the person he was playing but he just can't act or command a scene as can Omar Sharif who for me stole every scene he was in. Louise Lombard was OK as Lady Anne Davenport but the actress playing the so called romantic lead, well she wasn't really that because nothing happened, was neither beautiful or a good actress. It also implies that this is a true story but the real Frank Hopkins had a reputation for telling exaggerated or even made up tales and what happened in this movie seems pretty unbelievable.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 7 / 10 / 10

In an unfamiliar territory, everything's a big challenge.

The film was inspired by the American legend Frank Hopkins and his horse Hidalgo. They sail across the oceans to the Arabian desert to take part in a race. This adventure tells their new experience in an unknown territory competing with the greatest riders of the region. Alongside a misunderstanding leads to an unexpected confrontation. From there, how they escape and make back to home halfway across the world is the remaining film to disclose. A different kind of western that takes place in the original timeline of the cowboy culture which is the late 19th century. But the film has only one cowboy, because of where the story sets in. This film came straight after LOTR. Viggo Mortensen was good and his stunts were excellent. The initial parts that commence in America was heartbreaking and I liked the conclusion as well. It reminded me the animation film 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'. Though the film was more about Frank Hopkins and the horse had a good influence on the story as the film title suggests. Long film, but worth it. Surely won't be a waste of time to give it a try. 7/10

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