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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fededilo-49772 9 / 10 / 10

Unexpected inspiration

It's not easy to speak about homosexuality. It's not easy to be homosexual. Hidden kisses will make you look at all the pain gay guys have been through, it will make you feel how much it hurts to have a father who thinks you're sick, to be surrounded of people staring at you disgusted, laughing at you. Just watch it. I've been hesitant to watch this movie, i thought it would have been an average movie talking about the love of two young guys. This is much more. This is a movie everyone should see. And after you've watched Hidden kisses you will be braver if you're a young boy scared of being himself, worried about other people's judgement. And if you are a homophobic, even after you've watched this movie, my question for you is: 'Haven't you got a heart?'

Reviewed by chillbro-42187 9 / 10 / 10

Terrific, realistic, heartwarming, and the like

Simply put...this is one in a number of really, really good gay coming-of-age movies that have come out in 2016. In a realistic way, they've tossed aside a number of the clichés, while focusing on the bare-bones issues that 2 young gay boys share in their completely separate life backgrounds and circumstances -- the fear, the bullying, the isolation, the loneliness, and of course, the love. And this was a well-done love story, top to bottom, with a solid group of actors who all fit their roles perfectly. Great chemistry all around, a plot that matters, and a script that makes you feel like you're there. Were there some things plot-wise that are unresolved or questionable? Sure, no doubt about it. This isn't a flawless film. But, what matters in the film comes full circle. For those reasons, this is a terrific, must watch for those interested in the genre. Hats off.

Reviewed by ericceret 9 / 10 / 10


This an amazing / wonderful movie. Of course, it sounds very french: Patrick Timsit and all actors are playing as (credible) french parents, school and references are located. But, in all the ways I expected it to be, it sounds right, as well in the feeling of having to comply to adults' expectations than in the internal mood, so different from the exposed one. In a first stage, I totally disliked Louis and then felt "in love" with him. He acts totally right, attracted both to what he thinks right and to what he feels right. This movie enlightens the dual pressure much gays are enduring. Thanks to all actors for their acts their.

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