His Father's Voice


Drama / Fantasy / Musical / Romance

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November 2, 2019


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deedowns 10 / 10 / 10

Beautiful story with great acting

Beautiful story, great acting especially by the younger actor's and excellent depiction of the Hindu scriptures using traditional dance. Loved it and would recommend as a must see movie.

Reviewed by jonathanakonni 8 / 10 / 10

Excellent Emotional Film

His Father's Voice made me cry, it made me want to get up and dance and made me want to embrace my family. There were magical scenes that reminded me of an epic fairy tale story. We follow the characters through different phases of life. The playfulness of childhood, the innocence of music and dance mirrors our own experiences. The take on sensuality and passion is pure and graceful. We can love for the sake of beauty. It is refreshing to see the actors grow through the film. As it is almost all a new cast without much prior experience, they pulled it off and pulled me in. We should finish the film and be inspired to pursue life fully. I am looking forward to the next film from Kaarthikeyan and Ashwini. Thank you!

Reviewed by rsaghar 8 / 10 / 10

Live theater on the screen

As the headline sums it up , it is like you are watching theater on the screen , the stories i grew up with, on Classical characters from Indian History and Arts have been portrayed through dance form and minimalist acting which is how acting should be . I think karthik and Ashwini along with the crew done a great job in bringing together music , arts , story telling very nicely in the film. Not to forget the mind blowing paintings from Ashwini . But i give special credit to Karthik for a bold experiment , i use the word experiment for lack of better term at the time of writing this comment. Hats off to him , it is really not easy to put together a story and screen play of this genre. Not for Bollywood lovers, This is pure art form , please do not categorize this art film , as there is nothing called an art film . Film making itself is an art . To me this is film and it is about story telling. with so much polarization in our society and hatred it is talking about love , i think this is refresher with all the films around you , its like you have coffee beans to smell in a perfume shop , Thank you karthik and Ashwini.

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