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Anne Leighton as Lauren Daley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rbradburke-49973 1 / 10 / 10

DO NOT waste your time...or brain cells.

This is THE WORST movie I've seen in a long time. It's forced script and manufactured tension was so shallow and stupid, I couldn't stomach watching but half. Characters go from one mindset to the polar opposite in literally seconds. "Sure, come over and live with me. Oh wait, no I've changed my mind so get lost. Wait! Ok, move in! And by the way, you are welcome to change the decor!" How stupid! Or this one: "Don't be suspicious of my landlord. She's GREAT!" Then in the VERY NEXT SCENE to landlord, "What are you doing in my room while I'm gone? NEVER do that again!" And none of this in an "I'm conflicted" sort of way but rather in a way that makes you ask 'is there no director on set watching how this schizophrenic disaster of a plot plays out?' No context! No development! Just "I love you....wait, I think you follow Charles Manson....but maybe you aren't so bad so let's go clubbing!" PASS!

Reviewed by georgiavisser-87803 2 / 10 / 10

Don't waste your time

So predictable. Poor, over the top acting and story line. This movie had me cringing throughout the entire thing. So many ridiculous scenes that are so far from what would happen in reality. Give this one a miss.

Reviewed by mgwilcox 2 / 10 / 10

Bad Acting Direction Script

This is just plain bad in every way and on every level Even the sets are poor. Starting to see a lot of this garbage on Netflix and Amazon prime. I could find nothing interesting or redeemable in this dialogue acting direction all about as bad as anything I have seen in a very long while .I was unable to finish as it was to foolish to continue watching such horrfic mess even to see it to the end having invested (wasted ) some of my time on this laughable piece of work. So bad it could not even be thought of as a campy bad movie I am guessing the budget was less than 1,000.00 somebody had generous parents because only a parent would have put up money for this wreck. Note no spoilers because there was nothing to spoil

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