Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey


Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family

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January 13, 2020



Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo / Fred Jones
Jean Smart as Patricia Riley
Michael J. Fox as Brantley Foster / Carlton Whitfield
Sally Field as Beatnik Girl in Lineup
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Denny 10 / 10 / 10

one of my top 10 favorites!

This movie is definitely on the list of my top 10 favorites. The voices for the animals are wonderful. Sally Field and Michael J. Fox are both brilliant as the sassy feline and the young inexperienced pooch, but the real standout is Don Ameche as the old, faithful golden retriever. This movie is a great family movie because it can be appreciated and loved by children as well as adults. Humorous and suspenseful, and guaranteed to make every animal lover cry! (happy tears!)

Reviewed by rogue_McGregor 6 / 10 / 10


I watch this movie all the time. I've watched it with family ages 3 to 87, and everyone in between; They all loved it. It really shows the true scenes a dog has, and the love and loyalty you get from a pet. Just beautiful. It's great for thoes who love comedy movies, the tear-jerker movies, or even just pets. The music is wonderful, the animals spectacular, the scenes truly thought out, and the characters perfect. What I liked about the characters is the true and nicely mixed personalities: Shadow (The oldest, a Golden Retriever) He's the wise one, filled with the wisdom and mindset of any dog, Chance (the American Bulldog puppy) is basically a puppy with a witty side, the comical character; And Sassy (The Hymilayan cat) She's the real cat who shows what a real cat will do for their owner, the real girly one.

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese 6 / 10 / 10

The perfect family film

Homeward Bound is a great family film, one of the last best used with talking animals. Still to this day I cannot resist watching this film, and I still laugh, keep my eyes glued to the screen and I cannot help but cry. I always have to have a major box of tissues next to me when I watch this movie. It has such a soul and is a great story with wonderful characters. All of us as children had pets who were like our best friends and they were just as loyal back and Homeward Bound shows us the love that animals could have for their owners. Chance, an American Bulldog, explains that he is the pet of Jamie Burnford, but expresses no interest in his owner or having a "home". He shares his home with Shadow, an older Golden Retriever owned by Jamie's brother Peter, and Sassy, a Himalayan cat, owned by their sister Hope. Bob Seaver is marrying Laura Burnford, joining the family. Shortly after the wedding, the family goes on a trip to San Francisco, leaving the pets at a ranch belonging to Kate, a family friend. Kate later goes on a cattle drive, leaving the animals at the ranch to be looked after by one of her ranch hands. However, the animals think they have been abandoned, and Shadow begins to worry about Peter, so he decides to go find them. Sassy and a reluctant Chance follow. They head into the rocky, mountainous wilderness, with Shadow leading by instinct but of course the road is a bumpy one and it's not an easy journey coming back home. I'm going to give a few spoilers here, so don't read on if you haven't seen this movie. There are some absolute great laughs, with Sally Field as Sassy you just couldn't go wrong. Her leading the vet security guard around was so cute and very funny. Plus when Chance is curious about a porcupine, Shadow and Sassy warn him to get away, but being a dog he can't help but wonder and BAM, "it bit me with it's butt!", he's stung with the needles, poor Chance, but what a funny scene! Then there are some very touching moments where Chance is learning how wonderful life could be having a home. The scene where Sassy is reunited with Chance and Shadow was wonderful. Then there are the tear jerker moments that are killer. Shadow falls into a muddy pit where he hurts his leg and can't get out, Chance tries to help him but Shadow thinks he's too old and can't move and says to Chance "I've taught you everything you needed to know, now all you need to learn is how to say good-bye", I'm actually tearing up as I'm writing it, seriously. Then Shadow makes a triumphant return into Peter's arms and seeing him act like a puppy was so wonderful. I adore this movie, the voices, the setting, the story, it's just a touching family movie that is perfect to watch. I have no complaints about this movie and could go on, but trust me when I say it's more than worth the watch. 10/10

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