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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mark Turner 7 / 10 / 10

War In Harlem

The gangster movie has been a staple in film since, well, the time of gangsters. Thugs and mob bosses, godfathers and goombahs, the stereotypes are always brought together mixing fact and fiction to tell a compelling story. For the most part these films have chosen to surround themselves with Italian based gangsters with the mafia being an easy target. But on occasion other stories are told and are quite satisfying such as HOODLUM. The true story of Bumpy Johnson (Laurence Fishburne), a young black numbers runner in Harlem who did his time and returns in the employ of Stephanie "The Queen" St. Clair (Cicely Tyson). When she is sentenced to jail for racketeering she leaves Bumpy in charge with the promise of no bloodshed. Bumpy continues to build the empire of St. Clair with himself at the top of the heap. Along the way he establishes a deal with the then de facto mob boss Lucky Luciano (Andy Garcia). In return for a small tribute Bumpy is allowed to run the numbers and other criminal enterprises in Harlem. This sets him up as a hero of the neighborhood, someone who can work with the mob and retain his own heritage. But things don't go as planned and Dutch Schultz (Tim Roth) makes the decision to move into Bumpy's territory in spite of the truce. Going against Luciano doesn't help his cause though. Eventually Bumpy and Dutch will but heads and blood will flow in spite of past promises made. At stake will be the control of crime in Harlem. While it claims to be a complete fictional account of events the film is based in some historical reality. There really was a Bumpy Johnson and he was the crime lord of Harlem. The same holds true for both Luciano and Schultz. What has been slightly altered is the storytelling that takes place around these names and the actual events that involved them. Well made, well shot, well acted and well directed. The film did well enough at the box office but wasn't a mega-hit which it should have been. Fishburne was in the midst of his most popular status, 4 years out from WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT and 2 years ahead of THE MATRIX. He turns in a great performance here with a seething anger that builds rather than an off the handle scream fest. Actor turned director Bill Duke does a fantastic job and why he wasn't presented with higher priced and more supported projects is anyone's guess. In the end the question is does the movie entertain and the answer is yes. The story is interesting and all things combined to tell it make it one worth taking a look at. It's even more interesting when you realize that the character of Bumpy Johnson has been in more movies than this one. Fishburne himself played a character based on him in THE COTTON CLUB and Denzel Washington's film American GANGSTER had a character based on Bumpy that advises him. Knowing that makes this movie one to go back and check out again from a new perspective.

Reviewed by john-98649 10 / 10 / 10

Not so good

It is my opinion that this film is very unrealistic. It has a very Hollywood way of looking at the story behind the movie. I think if you were to make a movie about a person, make the story line capture more of who Bumpy Johnson really was, and this movie mist the mark by a mile. Also, Bumpys real story never crossed paths with Lucky Lucianos story, in any way. The portrayal of the queen was very inaccurate, the women was a ruthless Pearson, a psychopath, to say it best. Not a faithful women of God. Also the blacks were not as independent as the movie portraits them as them having their own organization. At that time they worked for the Italian mob , because the Italians had more power, plus the politicians... All I have to say is this movie is very inaccurate on everything. The only thing that the writers got right, is that "Bumpy" was from Harlem and he ran numbers, that's it......................

Reviewed by jsele-38952 10 / 10 / 10


Gangster movies tend to be judged on three factors: how good is the acting, how intelligent is the script and how believable is the action. This particular film has all three. Taking place in a suburb of New York City, in the time of the Great Depression, this picture stars Laurence Fishburne as "Bumpy" Johnson, an African-American gangster and the war he wages against "Dutch" Schultz, played by Tim Roth. And in the background, waiting to do business, is Lucky Luciano portrayed by Andy Garcia. Probably one of the reasons I give this film the rating one sees is because I feel it tells a fascinating piece of history from a different perspective than with conventional Hollywood techniques. I like the story, the action's well thought out and it has a surprisingly heartfelt and touching ending. For anyone who likes gangster movies, highly recommend you check this flick out.

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