Hooking Up


Comedy / Drama

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Anna Akana as Elizabeth
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thebumm-1 7 / 10 / 10

Not all that original, but it's funny, somewhat relatable, has a lot of charm.

I enjoyed it. It's pretty straightforward, has some great bits, and takes the A Lot Like Love approach to the romcom. The title more than indicates that. The true value is the two leads. They carry the load well. Sam Richardson is an absolute joy to watch no matter the project so if the only thing you take from this movie is "I gotta watch more of this guy" then it's a success. He made Detroiters, he was in Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates, and probably best known for Veep, but he pops up Spy and The Office too. He's hilarious, so even in this movie where it could be a by-the-book rom-com road trip movie, he's elevating the script. Brittany Snow is far more well-known at this point because of the Pitch Perfect series, but she's a little against type here, in my opinion. The movie starts playing Sam's character as a more redeemable guy with a few flaws, and Brittany's characters as an irredeemable girl with a few likeable traits and moves toward the center a bit with both. She probably has the most character development in the movie and she does a great job pulling it off. As I said, it won't blow you away with originality, but it's got some humor, the two leads work well together, and of course has the lesson at the end. I'd watch it again with some friends no question. PS - The racist posts about interracial relationships are pretty obviously stuck in the early 90s. Update your complaints, kids.

Reviewed by madhater1313 / 10


A torture to watch,apart for Brittany's scene. Hoped there was love.

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