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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by melinda-146-560663 10 / 10 / 10

Beautifully shot film about girl coming of age

Hope Dances is a sweet and beautifully shot film about the emotions of an adolescent girl growing up with a dream and trying to navigate her way with many pressures. The movie has a big heart and lets us know that by going inside we can find the answers to our passions and purpose. We see that parents can have conflicts too and may confuse their own dreams with those of their children. Many of the scenes are breathtakingly beautiful as we get a glimpse into the scenic backdrop of the Santa Cruz, California area. It is refreshing to see movie for kids with a positive message.

Reviewed by sparhawk_55 10 / 10 / 10

Poor script and directing seem to let this one down.

While there's a good story here and my 2.5 year old mostly enjoyed it, the script and some performances really let it down. The cinematography is poor in many scenes, and the editing seems pretty amateur (weird jumps, cuts etc). Overdone makeup in almost every scene, even on the young girls, which is totally going to help with body image issues... (#sarcasm). Inane dialogue and block-ish interactions, her parents are like cardboard. Oh, and you'd better like montages, because this movie is basically just montage after montage, with a little dialogue thrown in because 'I guess we needed some dialogue, right'? Which is exactly how much thought was given to the dialogue and character conversations. Really seems more like a school project than a feature film. Can't say I recommend it, at least some of the dancing was good, which is what my 2.5 year old wanted to see anyway. I mean was there really any suspense about whether she would continue playing softball when the movie is titled "Hope Dances" and the only conflict during the movie when she drops softball is her dad pouting for about 2 scenes? They hired a Playgirl model to be a ballet instructor and hang around all those young women?

Reviewed by chevys-49092 10 / 10 / 10

Heartwarming movie of a young girls decision in her life

This movie addresses a situation most kids and early adults deal with in real life. Having to make choices and dealing with the outcome. Trying to put others thoughts and feelings into decisions one has to make. Young girls will associate with the main roles in this movie.Very enjoyable movie to watch with your kids or just the kids by themselves.

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