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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goatrope67 8 / 10 / 10

Pleasantly surprised

I heard nothing about this movie, just saw it on Shudder this weekend and was completely blown away. The concept is a group of friends decide to hold a seance on Zoom. Things do not go well. Since the pandemic started I have used Zoom on a near daily basis and initially wanted nothing to do with this movie because of that. I'm certainly glad I gave in and watched it. There were enough jump scares to keep me riveted and the acting performances were pretty damn stellar. I didn't recognize any of the actresses in the film which made even more surprising. I do hope though that this does not become the new "found footage" trend. If it does though, count this movie as among the top.

Reviewed by edfilmsuk 8 / 10 / 10

It had no right to be this good.

With inevitable comparisons to the Unfriended franchise, HOST simply scores where the other misses. This flick has no right to be this good. Thanks to an eminently likeable cast, whose chemistry is duly apparent, you can't help but feel gripped by this mini feature, as if you're the additional participant eavesdropping on this fateful meeting. The dialogue seems semi-improvised at times, and the Raimi-esque blend of horror and comedy added an extra layer of enjoyment. While it might perhaps over-rely on some jump scares for the big frights, the real horror is very cleverly executed, and at times just plain impressive. The small "did you see that?" type moments where you want to rewind and check what you thought you saw... The idea of having one of the girls' background of herself wandering around her bedroom looping continuously is the sort of thing that makes you ask... why didn't I think of that?! Genius. The special effects are equally well executed, and another reason why this film is hard to dislike. Pedants looking for a 100% plausible story in a lockdown horror film might leave disappointed, but those seeking a good, honest chiller, by passionate filmmakers in Rob Savage et al, I'd invite them to join this meeting.

Reviewed by eventlaunch 8 / 10 / 10

All round great paranormal activity unfriended style movie

I was not only shocked at the great production value and excellent acting but also had goosebumps all round creepy

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