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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pixiegirl44 9 / 10 / 10

Beautiful film.

I absolutely loved this film. The ending really took me by surprise and is incredibly touching. This is not just a story of the apocalypse but of a love story. You won't be disappointed if you watch this.

Reviewed by TheTopDawgCritic 7 / 10 / 10

For a low budget B-grade film from a newbie writer-director, EPIC!

All you wannabe critics complaining about this and that need to give your heads a shake and review a film based on it's own merits, production value and credentials, before slamming it with 1's and 2's and negative reviews. Newbie (his first full length feature film, only two previous short films) writer and director Mathieu Turi did an outstanding job with this film. His experience as Second Unit Director and Assistant Director showed with his exceptional camera work. Contrary to what some reviewers complained about - the constant flash-backs, I felt they were perfectly placed and needed to be there to build up the tension - and maintain it. The story itself was very unique, and the ending was just perfect. Sure the screenplay had some minor issues, e.g. I expected her to immediately ask "why are you following me" (don't want to spoil anything but you'll know what I mean), and some scenes needed some better editing, but overall for his first (low budget b-grade film with c-list actors) full length feature film, Turi nailed it, and presented a film at a level I'd expect from more seasoned writers and directors. The pacing was perfect, as was the length. I actually wanted a little more - about the "transition from the disaster" as well as more on the disaster (again, I don't want to spoil anything). The sets, visuals and scenic shots were amazing. The cinematography was on point as was the score. All cast members performed very well, and it was great to see the unique Javier Botet on the big screen again. My only beef was the casting of Brittany Ashworth. She was decent and convincing in the aftermath scenes, but unconvincing and borderline annoying in the flashback scenes. I'm sure some of the blame goes towards the inexperience of the director for failing to direct his cast properly, but I still felt she was overbearing and struggled to convince me of her character. Nevertheless, way better than I expected. Again, remember this is NOT a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster film production from seasoned filmmakers. And as such, this newbie filmmaker deserves my honestly critiqued 8/10. Anyone questioning my review as fake, click my username to see my 1000+ ratings and 600+ reviews. Mad respect to Mathieu Turi for this little gem and I hope to see more from him in the near future.

Reviewed by dustin_pryor-02848 7 / 10 / 10

'Hostile' is equal parts tense and emotional

The apocalypse happened. "How" morphs itself into "What Now?" Behind a plethora of sweeping landscape shots depicting the years following an apocalyptic event, Mathieu Turi's feature debut Hostile gives us the story of Juliette (Brittany Ashworth) and her struggle to survive. Sounds cliche, right? Wrong. It took a while to digest this film as initially I had written it off as "just another post-apocalyptic film." Let's face it, there are so many in this genre. The film centers around Juliette and her struggle to stay alive following a debilitating car accident while on a scavenging mission. She must not only survive the barrenness of nature while badly injured, but a threat far more sinister. We're offered abbreviated glimpses into her life pre-apocalypse as she longs for the days before everything went sideways. During these sequences is when Ashworth really gives a believable depth to her character. There's a palpable honesty in her interaction with the people in her previous life's sphere - most notably the sophisticated and charming Jack (Gregory Fitoussi). Juliette's memories throughout the film not only to provide a contrast to her current situation but also provide a good break in the inescapable dread of being surrounded by unknown dangers. The tension in the film is abundant and while the idea of the damsel Juliette needing to be saved borders on tongue-in-cheek, the climactic confrontation is equal parts tense and emotional.

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