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John Carroll Lynch as Abbie's Lawyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nosugrof 10 / 10 / 10

critics have no sense of humor

Critics are those who will tell you, that the movie, that you are laughing your head off at, isn't funny. Critics must be serious. They have lost their sense of humor. Snooty people and critics study the development of film at the cinema. Real People watch movies. Hot Pursuit works much better than Heat. The only difference between Heat and any male buddy movie is the two female leads. The chemistry between Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vigera in Hot Pursuit works very well. Most of the gags are very funny. I would like to ask critics, if the movie wasn't funny, why was I laughing? Maybe the critics wasted too much time in film school and not mingling with real people.

Reviewed by accordnegro 8 / 10 / 10

is this a comedy?

Terrible comedy, i couldn't lauhg , jokes and script are so bad, don't waiste your money in this piece of trash. reese did much better jobs and vergara do a excelent in tv comedys but this gag in particular ... terrible

Reviewed by Dragoneyed363 8 / 10 / 10

I've had it with the hate on this one: At 5.1, Hot Pursuit is vastly underrated.

Now, I may be preaching to the perverted when it comes to feel good, women driven, action-comedies, but I'll still preach. I have now seen this movie around 5 times at least in the past year, more so in the last few months, and honestly, it's getting funnier with each viewing. On initial watch I gave the movie a 6. It passed the time, and provided chuckles and smiles in abundance. The story has been done to death, but who cares? Certainly not me. I am a firm believer in predictable movies can still be highly enjoyable and rewatchable. It does have strong similarities to The Heat, a better constructed, lengthier and more largely publicized film albeit and more films in general. The movie itself of course is not Oscar winning material, but if that didn't stop me from enjoying countless other feel-good movies, then Hot Pursuit has a place in my list of funnies that I now will gladly put on for a good time, anytime. From the moment the movie starts it's very clear that it's setting out to be a comical romp, and a fun one it is, and nothing more folks. Reese Witherspoon plays an uptight, country cop by the name of Cooper who is assigned to guard Sofia Vergara, a sassy, mind-speaking witness who is supposed to be appear in court in the criminal case of a drug-lord. As soon as these two actresses appear on screen together for the first time is where Hot Pursuit really earns it's name and lets the laughs roll. They completely ham up all their material and in my opinion, it works. There are scenes like the ridiculous 1/10 top comment mentions where the women are genuinely having fun on set. Is that not a good thing? Do you not want to see fun? Fun performances in a fun movie? The fun is at no one's expense either. Both Witherspoon and Vergara truly seem like they really enjoyed taking part in this film, and knew what they were doing with all the antics they were given. Some scenes are sheer gut busting laughter with how the women played them out. Besides the perfect, yes, perfect performances, other aspects like the ever growing age of Vergara and the ever shrinking size of Witherspoon are positively delightful. Another enjoyable aspect? Good supporting characters. Witherspoon's love interest is charming, the bad guys are believable and do not come across as cheap or overdone. Also, the movie is relatively short for nowadays running time. At 87 minutes it gets in and gets out with not little to pick at and complain about. Since watching the movie last night with my 15 year old step-niece, who said it's now one of her favorites, and concurring with my mom, sister AND brother who all enjoyed it, I have came to the conclusion this movie deserves an 8. In all technicality, I'd give it a 7. At the expense of letting ludicrous 1 star ratings bringing a movie that by no means deserves that much uncalled for hatred down any further, I rate it an 8. If you want to see movies that deserve a 1 star rating, look to anything in the Bottom 100, or anything in Ulli Lommel's directing career, if you can call him a director. However, at 5.1 (An under average rating, AVG being 5.5) with the most agreed with comment being a 1/10, Hot Pursuit is getting way too much flack, and further urges me to write a positive comment, and my first new review of 2018. Other feel good, female driven films that are largely criticized on here include: Anything at all with Melissa McCarthy or Hilary Duff, Honey starring Jessica Alba, Coyote Ugly with Piper Perabo, and oh my gosh, none of these films deserve to be put on such a fiery stake they appear on for some people. They are empowerment films. Films created to truly just sit back and watch and enjoy. I guess this is where I walk the fine line of "movie lover" and "movie critic", but I just don't care, if a movie is enjoyable it's enjoyable. Hot Pursuit is an enjoyable movie. Give any of those other movies I mentioned a chance if you enjoyed this one, and vice versa. You won't be disappointed. Review over.

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