Hot Tub Time Machine 2


Comedy / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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Adam Scott as Marvin Bushmiller
Chevy Chase as Self
Christian Slater as Governor Bramlette
John Cusack as Ray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jluck-77398 8 / 10 / 10

Underrated Sequel

I don't think this movie gets enough credit. The cast is hilarious, and getting rid of John Cusack only made it funnier. Comedies get a bad rap on this site for some reason... this was well written and well delivered. Rob Courdroy is another underrated hilarious actor. Craig Robinson stealing music from pop stars is also just so good. He needs to be in more stuff

Reviewed by david-sarkies 5 / 10 / 10

And The Reason for this film is what?

A part of me is wondering whether the universe (or I should say God, because as far as I'm concerned the universe doesn't have any personality) is trying to prevent me from writing this review. Well, maybe it is just bad luck that this is my third attempt, after having my computer freeze twice before while I was writing this, but hopefully this will be a successful attempt, particularly since my comments of this film aren't going to be all that flattering. Actually, I am somewhat surprised that I am writing this review in the first place, but then again, since I recently watched the previous film (and a second time at that, for some unknown reason), and having discovered a sequel, a part of me simply couldn't rest until I had watched it. I am also wondering why they even bothered with a sequel, but in a world where decisions are dictated by money, and profit, the fact that they made a sequel indicates that the previous film justified it, though it didn't justify it enough to have John Cusack make a return to his role (though he does appear a couple of times during the film). Instead he is mostly off stage, and only appears at the end, which I have to admit actually made what was in effect a pretty bad film even worse. Then again, having a film about a group of losers travelling through time, in a hot tub of all things, really does give one an idea of what this film is actually about. As with the previous film, expect some T&A, and also expect to be grossed out somewhat as well, though I have to admit that these days films have become much grosser than they were when I was growing up. Sure, there have always been T&A movies, but producers, and directors, have been forever pushing the boundaries further and further out as time goes on. Actually, while the T&A aspect doesn't really bother me that much (I am a child of the eighties), the whole aspect of grossing out the audience does really put me off somewhat. The previous film had our protagonists travel back in time to a memorial point in their past, which they changed for the better. However, the second movies reveals that despite the fact that Lou is a billionaire, and Nick is a famous singer, their lives aren't necessarily better. In fact the whole reason they travel back in time is because Lou is shot and the jump in the time machine (or hot tub, or what you will), in an attempt to save him. However, he is sent into the future as opposed to the past, what suggests that the reason he is shot is due to something that happened in the future, as opposed to the past. There were a couple of cool moments in the film, particularly the Choozeydoozey part, but it also seemed as if they pretty much took the frame from the original film and just changed what was actually happening. It was also offensive on so many levels, but I guess that was part of the intention of the film. The other thing was that I really didn't like Lou, but I suspect there is a really good reason for that – you aren't supposed to like him. They sort of do solve that in the end, but still, I personally wouldn't recommend wasting your time with this piece of rubbish.

Reviewed by vsd324 5 / 10 / 10

They must fix events in the future to fix the present, as the present day accident was caused by someone who came back from the future.

This movie begins in the year 2015—that is the year 2015 in the altered universe created by Nick (Craig Robinson) Lou (Rob Corddry), and Lou's son Jacob (Clark Duke) in Hot Tub Time Machine (2010). An unfortunate accident causes the gentlemen to seek out the tub to go back in time to prevent the accident from happening. In their attempt they find themselves in the future, learning that they must fix events in the future to fix the present, as the present day accident was caused by someone who came back from the future. Confused? Well I can't blame you. I understood it completely, but I personally can't stand these time travel movies, whether serious science fiction, or comedy. I guess this movie actually spoofs on just how convoluted it is, and they even mention several films where this happens such as Back to the Future (1985), The Terminator (1984), and the TV Show Fringe (2008-2013). In the first movie the time travel concept was kept simple, and the humor was enough to outweigh the time travel concepts. I quite enjoyed the first one. This one, not as much. A decent comedy, and I suppose the plot was clever—time travel is just a topic I never really care for.

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