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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 / 10 / 10


You've never seen more! Let us prove it to you when the monsters meet the girls! The nudies meet the nasties! No monster ever had it so good! See Frankenstein do the twist with Miss Hollywood! The gayest girlie spree of all time! Everything's off when the horror boys meet Granny Good's girls! The biggest bevy of beauties ever laid before your eyes! For adult adults only! Get ready for 62 minutes of sheer wildness as directed by Lee Frost and Wes Bishop. If you wonder, with scumbags - and I say that term with the utmost of respect, admiration and love - like this were at the wheel, how far away was Harry Novak? Oh, he was there. He was there. Granny Good's School for Good Girls is really a front for girls to get naked and make booze for Granny Good, who is played by producer Bob Cresse. She also employs a werewolf named Krakow. Yes. A werewolf. And when the girls throw a party, that's when Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster show up. Ann Perry, who plays Sally in this, was originally going to be a nun before she met her first husband Ron Myers. After starting her career in Cresse's softcore films, she went fill hardcore and started her own production company, Evolution Enterprises, in the 1970's, becomingone of the only women to write, direct, and produce her own hardcore movies. She was also the first female president of the Adult Film Association of America (AFAA). The adult films of 1962 are incredibly odd affairs today, featuring little to no sex and mostly women taking off their clothes and doing things like reading topless. I find them incredibly charming, almost time capsules of a more innocent time, a place where small movies like this could find an audience of raincoaters who found something, anything erotic in what we would now see as just plain silly. Sadly for Frost and Cresse, the advent of hardcore would put an end to their films. Then again, Frost would go on to produce and direct one of the oddest - and roughest - films of the golden age of adult films, A Climax of Blue Power. He kept on working right up until 1995's direct to video softcore thriller Private Obsession. I'd also recommend his mondo films Witchcraft '70 and Mondo Bizarro. Oh yeah! He also directed The Thing With Two Heads and The Black Gestapo. He also made Love Camp Seven, which also features Cresse acting as a commander of a German prison camp. Wow. I know more about Lee Frost than some members of my family. You can download this on the Internet Archive. Even better, Nicolas Winding Refn's ByNWR site has a totally cleaned up version straight from the director's archive. Man, I want to sit down and talk to that dude someday.

Reviewed by antiprice 5 / 10 / 10

Ultimate Cheese

This film is for ultimate cheese freaks. I can guarantee that you've never seen classic Hammer monsters, frat party freakin', and fourteen tons of topless women in one flick. Granny Goode "educates" young nubile females in the art of sophistication. Granny looks more like Uncle Fester than my mongoloid grandmother. There's plenty of whips, monsters, booze, and an odd jump rope scene. If HGL hosted a frat party, it would be this film. What story you ask? None. It's really just a jiggle fest drenched in vodka. Here are the highlights in order of importance: 1. A woman with catheter bag-sized breasts wobbles down some stairs. 2. For no reason a woman zooms down a train track backwards with her ass exposed. 3. Fifteen pairs of breasts align side by side for "stretching" exercises followed by copious amounts of jump rope.

Reviewed by Boba_Fett1138 5 / 10 / 10

Pretty bad, yet still fun at the same time.

OK, I admit! This movie was pretty fun to watch at times and it certainly wasn't as bad as I had feared. At first this seemed to be just another one of those sleazy '60's productions, that involved little money and little clothes for the female characters in it. And while the movie was still being a typical '60's sleazy one, it was a surprising lot of fun as well. It's a movie that is really aware of itself and what it is trying to be and do. It has no illusions about it that it's is a great movie and the cast luckily also seemed to realize this, so they simply decided to have some fun with it. Everybody was working with a smile on their face it seemed and it must have been really fun to work on this movie, even for the girls, who of course get exploited heavily in this movie. It's comedy really saves this movie and makes it a more or less watchable. Since otherwise, this movie has very little to offer. I literally had no idea what the story was all supposed to be about but it really didn't mattered at all for this movie. But even while this is only a 1 hour short movie, it still manages to feel a tat bit overlong and the movie even starts to drag toward its end, when all the gloves are off and the movie decides to go completely crazy. It starts to repeat itself at that point and the movie even becomes too silly for its own good. However, as far as these type of cheap and simplistic genre movies go, this is definitely one of the more fun ones I have ever seen! 5/10

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