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Reviewed by kaytizate 1 / 10 / 10

Worst movie I have seen for a long time

Terrible script, terrible acting and a lot (and I mean A LOT) of plot holes. The concept behind the movie had potential but it was very badly executed. From the moment it started the acting was wooden. As the movie went on they began making ridiculous decisions that real life people would not make and the whole thing felt very forced. This could largely be attributed to the script that did not seem to allow for believable interaction between the couple.Toward the end of the movie it became very unclear what was actually happening. Ultimately, this was a huge waste of time and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. It was that bad I returned it to the shop I had bought it from and didn't even care that I couldn't have a refund because I had already watched it. it's a real shame DVDs don't make good toilet paper.

Reviewed by Pat N 9 / 10 / 10

From bad to worst

Alright, before I get into the review, let me just say this: I have seen tons of horror movies, from the lesser known low budget ones to the extremely well made ones with known actors and I still find a way to enjoy most of them. With that said, I simply do not understand how someone could give this movie a good rating. OK, let's start with what's good (or not bad) The mood? Pretty good. The fact that it's another "found footage" movie? I don't even mind, I in fact am still a fan of those found footage ones. The context? Pretty great, the movie being mostly filmed in an old England house. The story? Maybe not original, but still not bad either. The bad, now. The acting. Terrible. I've seen worse, but it's definitely not good. At some point, it will impact the mood making the story very hard to get into. The worst. The plot. Oh. My. God. The plot is simply terribly bad. It shouldn't be allowed kind of bad. As other reviewers have already said, there were so many plot holes I stopped counting. From one bad decision to another. ****SPOILER PART - START And when I say bad decisions, I do not mean "why didn't she hide instead of running away. kind of bad decisions. No. I mean "let's ask the boyfriend to go get the camera instead of saving us" kind of bad. It just did not make any sense. Why didn't they just leave? Why did they still had their camera towards the end? Why not work as a team and kill/knock out/capture the guy? Or a policeman that works alone and cannot check the house? Oh, come on. I might not live in England but I'm pretty sure it doesn't make sense over there either. One of the worst part was when they got woken up at night by a noise, they knew it was someone at that point, the guy made a 10 sec check around the house, came back in his room and started arguing with the girlfriend because she discovered that he knew about it, and went back to bed because he didn't want to argue anymore about it. OK... and the stalker/killer situation, they just slept on it? Let's just leave the crazy guy in our house and take care of it tomorrow morning... Wow. SPOILER PART - END**** Too bad because it had some good ideas, some entertaining parts, but the bad parts were simply so stupid and so bad that it voided the better ones. Therefore, I give this movie a 3 / 10.

Reviewed by anitahv86 9 / 10 / 10

Well worth watching

I was searching for a horror flick in the mood of "Soulmate", "The Last House on Cemetery Lane" and "White Settlers" and came across this little gem of a found-footage film. Well aware that there's always a good chance of being let down when trying to find a decent horror movie, and a little discouraged with a couple of the reviews, me and my boyfriend decided to go ahead and watch it anyway. The good reviews were uplifting. Movie starts with one of my favorite horror movie scenarios - couple moves to old house far from people. This time as a house swap where the main couple come from LA, USA to the countryside of Glastonbury, England to work. It is filmed as the video diary of a screenwriter and his musician girlfriend, and it's actually pretty convincing as such. Their work getaway starts off idyllic, but soon they realize everything isn't as it should as strange things start to happen in the night. The movie manages to keep the tension throughout the story, and there were several occasions where I wanted to hold my hands up ready to cover my eyes. So if you like atmospheric indie horror films and the found-footage genre (this is one of the better in the genre, IMO), you should definitely check this out. You might be surprised!

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