How to Fake a War



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Reviewed by davidlohr 3 / 10 / 10

Lost Potential

This film was a huge disappointment. It had potential to be funny and yet completely missed its mark. The writers were apparently asleep at the keyboard. They let down the actors and the viewers.

Reviewed by daydreamer-90147 5 / 10 / 10

Keep your expectations midland to low, and it's a nice little comedy

So about the actors: Jay Pharoah probably figured out after about an hour on the set that what he needs to do is just put all his energy into portraying his character to every ridiculous extreme. I think he does this well, keeping in mind that this is a parody, and thus over-the-top is not only allowed, it's certain. Katherine Parkinson has got a great body and I'm glad we get to see it to some degree. There are a number of women who have had children that look wonderful. Congrats to her for being one of them (and to the directors/producers for getting that into the film). I was a bit surprised by Lily Newark. Most models have pretty much only that skill and nothing else to fall back on, which is fine if you can make a living on that. However she actually demonstrated some useful physical comedic skills. She might just actually have a bit of a future once people get tired of taking pictures of her. Not predicting she will ever be a huge celebrity. But I could see her eventually doing more movies at this level for some years to come. ** Spoilers ** The movie wasn't written to be serious, though there were some undertones heavily alluded to. The way people can swiftly be 'influenced' online to believe something, no matter how reality or all sorts of easily verifiable facts demonstrate otherwise. There is not even a millisecond of preaching, so don't worry. The big 'I'm you're mother' reveal surprises exactly noone. The actresses even naturally look like each other in real life. Same height, same hair - I seriously wondered if they were genuinely related. There were some prop issues in the film that kind of stand out. No need to list them here, but the (very humurous) scene where the ladies cut their binds really should have had them throwing their freshly cut ropes to the side afterword. It seems small, but it gets really glaring, especially when you throw in the 'guns' and 'explosions' and 'military uniforms' and other little prop things I said I wouldn't list. The movie flows naturally and logically with no twists. People will probably complain about the acting, but in fairness, there is just nothing about this movie that would really challenge any actor to show what they've got. It's no Blazing Saddles nor will it ever be any sort of cult favorite, and I already knew this as it was practically released direct to DVD/streaming/cable. A fluffy ham-it-up parody was my expectation, and in my opinion, the acting and script lived up to that just as much as they needed to. ** End spoilers ** If you're prepared to go along with some silly little leaps of faith, and open to a few easily won laughs, you'll be entertained for an hour or so, and will move on, perhaps with a smile on your face.

Reviewed by Edvis-1997 5 / 10 / 10


Average movie and lame plot with very disappointing actors.

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