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Frank Langella as Professor Driskoll
Laura Allen as Jane Carol Webb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dmasursky 6 / 10 / 10

Good but not great

This movie is set in an English Literature graduate program at the University of Kentucky, and Bill, the main character, quotes from various classic works, creating a generally literate atmosphere. Which is a refreshing contrast to the standard Hollywood fare. The filmmakers certainly get an A+ for effort. But the emotional impact of the movie was less than intended, and it's not a film that will stick with me, despite it's lofty themes. Bill, the main character (portrayed by screenwriter Bruce Romans) is rather unsympathetic, even after he falls for the most substantial (and of course most attractive) female student in the program, Jane (Laura Allen). The poetry slams and scenes in classrooms are a bonus, as is a nice side story with Bill's best friend (Kevin Butler), who is also looking for True Love. Frank Langella provides heft as the stern but sincere professor. And Bill's family owns horses at Churchill Downs, so it was fun to see places I visited myself just last year. But all that is not enough to create a really satisfying film experience. I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for an alternative to tired Hollywood retreads, but keep your expectations in check.

Reviewed by Sylviastel 1 / 10 / 10

There are two things to Louisville, Kentucky (Churchill Downs and The Actors Theatre)

Frank Langella played Professor Driskoll in this lovely independent film. This film was shot entirely on location in Louisville, Kentucky. Now Louisville is home to Churchill Downs (site of the annual Kentucky Derby). The horses and the grass never looked lovelier. Louisville is also home to the Actors Theatre of Louisville (1981 Regional Tony Award Recipient) and perhaps the finest theatrical institution in the country. Many of the cast members especially Adale O'Brien (Betty the secretary) are resident actors at the Actors Theatre. The film's weakness is in the storytelling about three young literature graduate students at the University of Louisville coming of age. The three young men experience relationships with women and life living in Louisville. I didn't care much of the literature aspect such as the poetry readings in the film. The poetry seemed forced to me. The acting is fine. The cinematography is glorious and beautiful. The grass never looked greener on screen and the horses couldn't have been more beautiful. The Actors Theatre of Louisville should have more opportunities to shine on in other projects. I'm surprised that they don't produce and film more in Louisville, Kentucky.

Reviewed by sjsipp2 1 / 10 / 10

Worst movie ever

This movie was the headline of the first ever Oldham County Film Festival, where I saw it. Good God was it an awful movie! Horribly written and horribly acted! The only person who was decent in it was the main girl. I am from Oldham County where the film debuted. Most people I talked to hated the film! But most of them were too ashamed to admit it in public because it was chosen as the main event of the festival and they didn't want to upset/insult the person in charge. I'm embarrassed that this is what came out of my county and my state. I've seen better acting in middle school plays! And better writing in the same venue! Please somebody redeem us from this being our claim to fame! At least we have DW Griffith to distract the Googlers. For now.

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