Hulk Vs.


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Graham McTavish as Ibrahim Kozlov
Grey Griffin as Marena / Gemma
Nolan North as Deadpool
Steve Blum as Acetylene Lamp
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Geekofriendly 8 / 10 / 10 this is how it's done!

(a review of "Hulk vs. Wolverine") It's like a 13 year old boy's dream come true. Except I'm 26 and probably enjoyed this movie even more so. It easily and confidently outdoes both the (imo) lacklustre "X-men" and "Hulk" movie franchise in a decent half an hour runtime, and the end result is truly jaw-dropping at times. Production values are sky-high, with the animation surpassing even the original 90's "X-men" cartoon series, while the shere style, atmosphere and boldness are pure perfection. And kudos to the musical score for taking a life of its own and sounding like something most contemporary big-budget composers would be proud to call their own work...yes, this movie delivers BIG-TIME! The story is simple but effective, and the ending fits in perfectly. To me this was like a piece of "The Animatrix" in the Marvel universe, and I absolutely loved it for just feels so permanent and despite being short it's still powerful and makes you believe like it belongs to a bigger picture. I can only hope to see more of This bigger picture, Marvel has truly outdone itself! "Hulk vs. Wolverine" 9/10 "Hulk vs. Thor" 7/10 Overall 8/10

Reviewed by WallyDee 9 / 10 / 10

The Real Wolverine!

Just read that someone thought that Hulk vs Thor was the better one from the two. I respectfully disagree, and why? Hulk vs Wolverine shows us what and who Wolverine ACTUALLY and REALLY is, a killer!!! And I think that's what everyone has forgotten after seeing Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine so many times. (for the record, I like Hugh Jackman very much) When I heard off the Hulk fighting Wolverine, I thought to myself how in the hell is Wolverine going to fight the Hulk. Again we forgot that Wolverine is actually a small little guy but that he is incredibly fast!! And that His Adamantium claws can cut true EVERYTHING, plus that he is not afraid to use them!!!! And again I say that's what Hulk vs Wolverine showed us, because he uses his claws against ANYONE who stands in his way. I actually didn't review the movies by saying this...But you must have noticed by now that I liked Hulk vs Wolverine very much. As for Hulk vs Thor, I also liked that one very much! Its more about honor and stuff like that. Less bloody but indeed some more action all involving the Hulk! Thor as well as The Hulk get their asses kicked. I give them both a 9 out of 10 Enjoyed them both very much! (like I always write) sorry for any misspells, Im dutch :)

Reviewed by mavsingh 9 / 10 / 10

Best Animated films to have ever come from Marvel.

whats more to say about this. normally these marvel cartoons are too kiddy-fied for the kids, but these cartoons are something special especially the Hulk Vs Wolverine film. You get to see everything in here, blood, limbs being sliced off etc. By far this is the most entertaining cartoon to watch and due to its more mature content the grown-ups will enjoy it too. The Hulk vs Thor is in my opinion not as good or as violent as the Hulk vs Wolverine cartoon but its still worth watching to get to know more about the characters on Thor's side of the Marvel universe. Lenght of the cartoons may be short at 40 mins each but these are all out action packed with less talk and more smashing.

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