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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clark-96172 4 / 10 / 10

Nudity does not save this film

Everything about it is confusing and quite angering. How do you, a hustler, invite someone else to the house of your significant other then proceed to have sex with them while your partner is still in ge house. Then you question why he tells you to make him leave? Not to mention how do you allow someone to bring another lover into your bedroom and not lose your mind and overreact. I'm sorry I guess I just don't understand why gay men can never be depicted as happy in films? Like what did we really do to always deserve misery?

Reviewed by ksf-2 10 / 10 / 10

intriguing, slightly confusing LGBT relationships

SPOILERS *** Such low ratings, as of today. It IS based on only 400 votes so far. For sure, after watching it once, there are many unanswered questions, but this is one film I'll happily watch again (at least) to try to figure a few things out. Circles. Cameras going in circles. Dancers going in circles. Stones, built in circles. Clearly a theme there. Several love and sexual interactions... our hero Emiliano has commitment issues; would rather hire someone for an hour than commit, but by the end, he says he wants a relationship. Not sure with who, though... that part was pretty confusing. Did he go back to the hustler when Octavio forgave him but wanted to move on? Some pretty abrupt jumps to a completely different story-line. In the center, we watch one group interact, and the whole time, I wasn't sure if that was a dream, or was the dude watching them just daydreaming of where he might fit into the dynamics. Good to see guys kissing, holding hands, and more. Gay guys and lesbians get to do so much more than in the ol' days. A lot of things going on in this one -- starts out with the director Emiliano hooking up with dancer Octavio. Then in the center, we spend SO much time with the group of three-- were they the three band members? Or did they live together? Then Emiliano hires a hustler, and isn't sure where he wants THAT to go. Then he kind of wants to be in a relationship with Octavio. And in between all these various scenes, we watch and hear numerous dancers talk about life, love, fear, and not sure what else. There is SO much going on, it gets confusing. subtitles are quite good. this one is currently showing on netflix. I'll definitely want to watch this again, and would recommend it to those with the patience to watch a long film where things aren't spelled out for the viewer. Will also try to find other things done by writer/director Julián Hernández. Some fun ideas. I'd give it a higher rating than it shows today, for sure.

Reviewed by Suradit 10 / 10 / 10

Beautifully Presented

This is probably one of the most beautifully photographed movies I've seen. The use of light, shadow, focus, position and movement of the camera … my technical knowledge and vocabulary limit what I can say about it, but it is stunning and sensual. A successful photographic exhibition could be mounted using stills from the movie. It is very much a visual presentation and almost exclusively focused on the actors … although there are some well designed sets. The film is designated as a drama but it might be better described as a dance production. There is only a little of what might be termed dance in the conventional, common sense, but the movement & interaction of the very graceful & attractive actors could easily be called ballet-like. Although several of the actors apparently have little previous experience in film, their performances are excellent. The directing, which might be called choreography, was equally impressive. At one point one of the characters speaks of a movie he and some friends saw. He loved it and his friends hated it. It was, he said, an "art house" production with no dialogue and it was very long. The same could easily be said of the unfortunately titled." I Am Happiness On Earth." It is 2 hours long and there is little dialogue… although there were some scenes with background narration that reminded me of the poetry of Lawrence Ferlinghetti. I can see why some people would be turned off by the pace and style. If you want a plot that progresses from A to B, fast- paced action and engaging dialogue, this is not the movie to watch. But if you can enjoy "art house" films, you really should watch this, at least once.

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