I Am Toxic


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10 / 10

Sometimes it is better to let sleeping corpses lie...

I was given the chance to sit down and watch the 2018 Argentinian "Soy Tóxico" (aka "I am Toxic") movie here in 2020. And it being a zombie movie, of course I ended up sitting down to watch it. Anything zombiesque has my attention right away. Granted, I had not even heard about "Soy Tóxico" from writers Pablo Parés, Paulo Soria and Daniel de la Vega prior to sitting down to watch it. But still, it being a zombie movie was more than enough. And perhaps "Soy Tóxico" would turn out to be a good movie? Well, no, it didn't actually turn out to be a good movie. First of all, the mixture of "Mad Max" and your typical doomsday zombie apocalypse settings just didn't work out for me. And nor did it help much that the storyline was unfathomably dull, mundane and boring, as were the characters in the storyline. The actors and actresses in the movie were struggling in an uphill battle, given the fact that they had next to nothing to work with in terms of a properly interesting script and storyline. A zombie movie needs good special effects, and luckily "Soy Tóxico" actually had adequate special effects and make-up, which helped carry the movie some of the way. But the effects were just not sufficient to make up for all the shortcomings that made up "Soy Tóxico". This 2018 movie from director Pablo Parés came and went without as much as a groan, much less a leaving a lasting bite mark in the zombie genre. The movie was just too plain and generic for that. Which results in my rating of a mere three out of ten stars. "Soy Tóxico" is not a movie that puts Argentina on the zombie movie map, unfortunately, at least not in a memorable fashion. Actually, the movie's cover was the most interesting part about the movie.

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10 / 10

Waking up ...

Everyone probably had this feeling. You just woke up and have no idea where you are or what went on or what you are supposed to do next. Add to that scenario an end of the world Mad Max style enviroment and you not remembering not just a fluke but an ongoing issue! I don't think you'd feel to good about yourself, just as the main character here does. But it's more than just doom and death, there is social commentary here too. It may not be too thick (which is ok) and it may be overshadowed by some mean cliches getting thrown your way. Still this has its merits and even though some motivations remain unclear, suspense works in favor of the movie. Even when you almost lose interest in it ...

Reviewed by miggymartinez 4 / 10 / 10

not great

I cannot say i liked this very much. the movie is clearly low budget and they do a lot with it, so fairplay for that at least the makers were at the screening and were introduced as oldskool film-makers which was probably meant as a compliment but unfortunately also captures my problem with the film... it's rather sexist and patriarchal. ah but they will say, it is the woman who triumphs.. yes she escapes, but only in a male fantasy ..

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