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Anna Faris as Cindy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gordonroad-62850 4 / 10 / 10

Quite a Bizarre Film

Maybe it's unsurprising at how odd and crude this film can be at times, but when it's directed by the guy who co-wrote 'Borat' maybe it's understandable. It's weirdly cynical for a rom-com, and usually I like a subversion of tropes in a genre but it doesn't quite work here. The two leads are unremarkable, whilst Stephen Merchant's character Danny might as well be Darren Lamb from 'Extras' with the way he's acting. It works brilliantly in 'Extras' but not so here, as he's rather insufferable. Most of the jokes unfortunately fall flat, with some dragged on for far too long, particularly with a threesome scene which became rather uncomfortable. However, the jokes that do work are fantastic and I did get some good laughs. Overall, it's an poorly-structured film with competent acting and direction. If you like farce comedy this may be for you, but it's not for me.

Reviewed by GaryBaxter 2 / 10 / 10

It's my favourite movie

It's British humour at it's best, perfect in every way but one - hence the 8 rather than 10. All the good stuff first - toe curling awkwardness, England - I think I was married in that church, class divides - snobbish in-laws, a Young One, in-laws, Olivia Colman as a marriage counsellor I think I met once, the realness of married life presented with self-depreciating humour - I love the play off between the sister and her husband, watch for it... The bad - Simon Baker, an Australian with an American accent - why? I watch this movie when I need to laugh, it works, you should too.

Reviewed by Her-Excellency 2 / 10 / 10

Skip, skip, skip

Have you ever literally cringed? I felt like dong so at many times during this film. Let's call it a movie, as I think 'film' should be reserved for something better. To begin, I WANTED to like it. I really never followed Rose Byrne, but I liked her in X-Men, and I have liked Anna Farris in a couple of things. The first twenty minutes or so however should have been a clear indication that I really wasn't going to, and I should have cut my losses then and there. But no. I watched until the sleep-inducing end. NONE of the characters are very likable although their unlikeablity ranges from mild unlikeability to extreme dislike. Nat (Rose Byrne's character) is a total witch and you get the idea that no matter who she is married to, that won't change. Her husband, played by Rafe Spall is the most likable, again, of unlikeable characters, and is portrayed as dumb, uninteresting and a moron sometimes. Simon Baker's character is just dull, uninteresting, and it felt like the actor was just calling his scenes in. Anna Farris looked pretty bad and her character was such a tremendous pushover you kind of wanted to slap her. Oh, and a special mention to Rafe Spall's character's best friend who should win an award for most annoying supporting character EVER. Note to the maker's of this film: YOU CANNOT have a hit if most of your characters have almost no appeal whatsoever. The premise too was just bad-awful and you know it is a movie while watching it because in the real world no real person would act/react the way they acted in several of the scenes. The comedy itself wasn't HORRIBLE, it just wasn't really THERE. There are literally NO laugh-out-loud moments, although there are a couple of cute 'haha', funny scenes. The ending is so ... trite. All in all, I wish I had skipped it.

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