I Hate Valentine's Day


Comedy / Romance

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January 12, 2021



Ben Schwartz as Tammy's Date
Jason Mantzoukas as Brian Blowdell
John Corbett as Greg Gatlin
Zoe Kazan as Tammy Greenwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by costas82 2 / 10 / 10

Its that Bad!!!! Beware

Until now i kinda liked Nia Vardalos on her previous films "My Big fat Greek wedding" and "My life in Ruins". This specific one though is one of the worst of 2009. The dialog is cheesy, acting hits bottom and the plot is ridiculous and predictable. Nia has this silly smiling expression in each and every scene which is very annoying.I hope she sticks to acting that she knows best. Its a fact that not all actors can be directors. Many of them need coaching to achieve a decent performance and Vardalos is definitely one of them. Probably the worst film of the year ... Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!

Reviewed by markymnstr 1 / 10 / 10

Embarrassing on almost every level...

Nia, a little humility please. You are not all that you must think you are. And among those things you are not, you are not a young sexy heartthrob piece of eye candy. And why would you want to be? You can be so talented yet you choose to go down this path. Why? This movie lacked insight, passion, real emotion. It was paint by the numbers and you didn't even know how to count. Your role, persona in My Big Fat Greek Wedding fit you wonderfully. Why in the world would you want to ditch that intuitive, attractive on your own terms, bright, sexy in a girl-next-door sort of way? Take a big breath, step back and find that voice again. Please, for everyone's sake.

Reviewed by intelearts 1 / 10 / 10

Warning: Artificial Romance Ahead: Full of Saccharine and tries too hard

Let me say from the off we love romantic comedies; we will curl up happily together put the children to bed and watch a ton of these; even the not so good.... But... This was just plain embarrassing from beginning to end. The plot, she only wants 5 dates with any man and then discovers she wants more, is just passable; but the execution is honestly awful. It is just too too sweet - like a triple does of saccharine - there's no bite here at all - and the lines are good in an observational stand-up comedy sort of way but that can't sustain 90 minutes. Honestly this should be avoided - it doesn't work, the chemistry is irritating and the mock HappyLand atmosphere is like the whole world is on Prozac. Hate to say it but we actually hated this...

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