I Never Promised You a Rose Garden


Drama / Fantasy

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Clint Howard as Self
Danny Elfman as Drumming Demon
Dennis Quaid as Mike Brody
Kathleen Quinlan as Kate Dawson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rrrusty 10 / 10 / 10

an amazing performance pays homage to a book of overwhelming complexity

I agree completely with Dara. I was 20 when I saw it and I would recommend reading the book first, which gives you the background for Deborah's dreamlife. The film can't even begin to show the cruel beauty of her inner world, and (perhaps appropriately) omits any reference to her ethnic and familial demons. When I think of this movie, I see the look in Kathleen Quinlan's eyes. Her performance is precocious and utterly...amazing, especially for an actress just into her 20's. She seems possessed, wholly inhabited by the character of Deborah, and her scenes with Bibi Andersson are magical. I would credit the director and cinematographer with the wonderful feel of the movie, but Quinlan's portrayal of a young girl marooned in a parallel universe of her mind's own devising is timeless.

Reviewed by Dara-3 7 / 10 / 10

A strong cast and a well-written script

Kathleen Quinlan plays Deborah, a very bright girl, who is institutionalized for three years in a psychiatric hospital. Though different from the book in some ways, this keeps the spirit of it quite well and with a much more satisfying ending than the book. Quinlan is a wonderful actress. Deborah, who is diagnosed as a schizophrenic (though she probably wouldn't be today), has a long, torturous journey through her illness. Quinlan makes us believe that she will succeed. In addition, there is a strong cast of mostly women of many ages. I saw this film first when I was a teenager and the problems Deborah faced also resonated with me (despite not being in a hospital). I have never forgotten this film, though it has been out of print on video for many years and can only view it when it occasionally makes it on television. Catch it if you can -- especially if you are a teenage girl or ever were.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 7 / 10 / 10

Devastating, complicated, harrowing...not an easy movie to like, but impossible to dismiss

Hannah Green's popular book has become first-rate medical drama despite echoes of other hospital horror shows (which are probably unavoidable) and many disturbing, alarming episodes which cause a general lack of relief to be intensely felt. Kathleen Quinlan is remarkable in a unheralded tour-de-force playing schizophrenic, suicidal young woman admitted into a mental institution by her parents. Quinlan's Deborah Blake is not an innocent lamb being tossed to the lions--she's as deeply troubled and psychotic as the other inmates--yet her doctor (a warm, compassionate Bibi Andersson) detects a core of sound reasoning to Deborah's manner, and works carefully on rescuing the girl from the demons who plague her. Deborah's fantasy world, which takes place in what appears to be a prehistoric civilization of Indian mystics, seems wildly overwrought at first (and we never do uncover the connection between Deborah and these tribal warriors and lovers); however the structure of the film is quite linear and, as we move from one chapter to the next, we can sense what drives this girl to self-destruction without a lot of technical jargon. Supporting cast is also strong, particularly Norman Alden as a kind orderly and Martine Bartlett (who played the mother in "Sybil") as a resident hysteric. Sylvia Sidney, as a returning patient who didn't make it on the outside, is typically a wonderful performer, yet she's never quite convincing in this part; her trained, poised style of acting tends to clash with the unbridled crazies who wander up and down the halls. Also, there's a small leap forward in time near the end which is momentarily confusing--perhaps another sequence with Andersson might have helped to prepare viewers for Blake's tentative recovery. Otherwise, a gut-wrenching achievement: unblinking, hard to watch on occasion, but undeniably potent and well-made. *** from ****

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