Ice Blues


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Adrian Holmes as Captain Williams
Reese Alexander as Police Officer
Sebastian Spence as Kyle Ferguson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NJMoon 7 / 10 / 10

Noir Ambitions

The Donald Strachey films get better and better. In ICE BLUES - the fourth in the series - the performers have really relaxed into their roles and the film noir storytelling is top-drawer. The tribute to the genre mixed with the modern twist (a detective who just happens to be gay and happily partnered) seems effortless here - whereas in other hands I couldn't imagine the premise working. The lighting makes the most daring and successful contribution with lots of shadows and film noir angles giving the film its classy but raw 1940's feel. Chad Allen is steadfast as usual as Strachey. If never surprising in his portrayal, he anchors the film smartly. As usual, there's some stellar support - this time in the person of Sherry Miller (who played the supportive Mom on TV's "Queer as Folk"). Her quiet intensity is always worth watching. Like most detective yarns, the film starts to twist a few times too many in the third reel, but keep with it and it resolves in a satisfying - and maybe even surprising - way.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10 / 10

The Bearer Of Good Fortune?

Ice Blues is the fourth and at this point last of the Donald Strachey mysteries that Chad Allen has brought to the big screen. As it is the weakest of the four I certainly hope that Allen gets to do some more and probably will if the price is right. Chad's back again as the gay version of Philip Marlowe without Marlowe's luck in sexual pursuit. Again it's emphasized that Allen and Sebastian Spence are a committed couple, in fact it's Spence who becomes the client for Allen in Ice Blues. This occurs when a man hands Spence 3 million in untraceable European bearer bonds and then gets promptly killed. The money is for one of Spence's causes, a shelter for homeless youth. The anonymous contributor is then promptly killed and it turns out he's the grandson of an Albany lawyer and power broker played by Myron Natwick. That leads Allen into a web of organized crime and child prostitution. There's a lot more violence in Ice Blues than in previous Strachey films. I also think someone was having a bit of a joke at Mel Gibson's expense as Gibson is not known for his progressive views on gay people. A few things were plainly ripped off from Gibson's Lethal Weapon series. I do hope that Ice Blues is not the last of the Strachey series though it's been three years since Chad Allen has done one of these films.

Reviewed by Tss5078 7 / 10 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! - - @tss5078

Richard Stevenson's novels about Private Investigator, Donald Strachey, have been described as eye opening and ground breaking. They have launched a film series and there are even talks of a television series, but what makes these different than any other detective stories, Donald Strachey is gay. The whole point of the series is to show that despite his sexuality, Strachey is just the same as every other cop turned private investigator, he has the same problems, works the same cases, faces the same dangers, there is absolutely no difference. The first film in the series, Third Man Out, didn't capture that. The film series aired on the LGBTQ movie channel, Here!, and was so far over the top and full of gay everything, that I thought the series would die right there. Fortunately, they gave the series another shot, corrected the mistakes, and the second time around, filmmakers got it right. Ice Blues is much closer to Stevenson's novels and characters than the original film was. It starts when Strachey's long time partner, Tim Callahan (Sebastian Spence) receives a large campaign contribute from an anonymous man, who is murdered right in front of him. The police come to investigate, but find no proof, not even a body, so he hires his partner, Donald Strachey (Chad Allen), who doesn't know what to think. That all changes the next morning, when the body turns up, in the couples drive way, with a note attached to it. Chad Allen was so much better in this film than in the first. In the first movie he was a gay private investigator, in this film, he's a private investigator who happens to be gay. It's a part of the story but not the main focus of everything. Ice Blues is centered on the case itself, which is what a film should be focused on. The mystery was solid, the twist in the end was terrific, I would have liked to seen some more action and better casting, but overall a very solid film, especially for one that was made for TV.

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