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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lukas-ingel 10 / 10 / 10

WHAT is up with the rating?!

I do not understand how this masterpiece can be so overlooked. I was terrified going into it as if it would turn cheesefest or whatever at any moment - hence the 5.7 stars. The rating in here is completely insane. All I really have to say: Go watch this gem for yourself. You'll see. I mean, unless you're Donald Trump? Or Hitler? Or a close-minded supporter? I, honestly, have no idea whom else would dislike it, and I *rarely* say that. As someone who loves studying characters and story structure, this was incredibly pleasing. It's complex, fast-paced, gritty and honest but with a great amount of heart. The fact that this is the reality for some people ... it's mad. I'm speechless, and ashamed that I haven't thought more about what the whole immigrant situation was like, even though I knew it was bad. I guess it comes to show once again that movies do serve for more than entertainment - and with its authenticity and high quality-making, Icebox qualifies as one of those movies everybody could gain from. I guess there are some sort of minor flaw somewhere that I don't really care at all about?+ Everything character ++ Everything structure +++ That court room-climax scene! (do not recommend to: Trump, Hitler's ghost, Trump supporters and neo nazis, in all seriousness, do not recommend to people who expect light hearted material; read the synopsis though, and I'll laugh if you think you're in for that)

Reviewed by momtobrokegirls 10 / 10 / 10

Great channel surfing find!

I saw the info about this movie while surfing through channels. It was already on and I had no intentions on watching a movie already in progress. Needless to say I didn't find another movie to watch, didn't even look for one until it went off. If it isn't a true story it could be. The acting, the storyline just everything about this movie feels authentic.

Reviewed by blrlicious 10 / 10 / 10


I was left in tears! The show was very powerful. I can relate to the pain and hardship that little Oscar is dealing with. I have witnessed it first hand. Very powerful performances! A must watch!

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