Il Mare


Drama / Fantasy / Romance

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Ji-hyun Jun as Kim Eun-ju
Jung-jae Lee as Gang Se-jong
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elu5iv3 10 / 10 / 10


Il Mare: 10/10 The perfect love story, not too soppy and never boring because of another incredible concept out of Asian cinema. This time, a man and woman are exchanging letters, one in 1997 and one in 1999. Sound good? Oh yes. This is just incredible, a perfect, beautiful, memorable movie with great attention to detail and some exquisite cinematography. One of the best films ever.

Reviewed by lulu88 10 / 10 / 10

Life of isolation

A heart-wrenchingly beautifully filmed movie -- the cinematography is absolutely perfect and it makes me wonder whether Korean seaside residences are all that beautiful. But after a little while I sense this alarming message -- these days we prefer living in isolation and talk to people we do not know, and even regard them as our "true love" without any real contact (see the booming of ICQ), while on the other hand, we refuse to give the ones around us a chance, as Sung-Hyun did to his father and ex-girlfriend. I am not sure if this is what the movie is trying to say but it's such a sad reality...

Reviewed by ebios 10 / 10 / 10


This film is one of those films that makes you think about the story after a few days. The soundtrack and scenery creates a feeling of depression among the lead characters and they find happiness when they communicate to each other about their problems. This creates a slow moving pace, but yet it captures your attention throughout the film because the pain and emotions of the characters are believable and intriguing. The element communicating in different times, like the movie "Frequency", is part of the appeal as well. It's also interesting the way they incorporated the topic of architecture into the story and scenery. Great cinematography and use of soundtrack. It's strange the movie isn't as big of a hit. It's probably because of low budgeting in the marketing department. Anyways, go see it if you haven't, you will be pleasantly impressed.

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