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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by b-a-h TNT-6 9 / 10 / 10

Paolo Villaggio's peak

Simply put "Il Secondo Tragico Fantozzi" is a masterpiece. I feel myself sorry while commenting on this movie for two main reasons; the first being that this movie was never exported to the States nor to many other foreign countries. I've seen very bad Italian movies exported to the US (where I live), and it's a shame that nobody can check this out here. The second complaint is about the quality of the sequels. While the first three movies of the "Fantozzi" series - this is the second one - are good to great, the rest is a downhill ride to stupidity and badly-recycled jokes... sorta like "Police Academy", only worse. Enough... now let's talk about the movie... Well... just to put it clear, this is easily one of my favorite comedies of all time, far better than some overrated, over-hyped American comedies such as There's Something About Mary. It's hard to explain how absolutely hilarious and crazy the movie is... you can think about it as "Al Bundy" meets "the Pink Panther" sorta-meets "Monty Phyton" but that still doesn't do justice to the movie. Ugo Fantozzi is a worker in a major Italian Company that makes EVERYTHING. Everyone in the movie is crazy... not just a little bit... everyone is LITERALLY a nut his own way. Plus, Fantozzi is very unlucky. This leads him to a ton of catastrophic situations, him being the victim. When he goes to hunt, people behave like they're at war; there's even a delicious scene involving "The Battleship Potemkin" which might well be one of the most hilarious I've ever seen in a comedy. The scene leads to what's probably Fantozzi's most famous quote ever "Per me... La Corazzata Potemkin... E' UNA CAGATA PAZZESCA!" ("To me... The Battleship Potemkin... IS CRAZY BULLS**T!") - you should see the movie to understand why he's so mad at that. There's not really a story... it's rather a sequence of absurd situations in which Fantozzi gets involved, mainly because of his bosses and his co-workers. It's a glimpse at the Italian office life of the 70s, with every flaw of the system inflated to a monster... an absolutely hilarious one... In the end, although Fantozzi is not really smart nor sympathetic, you end up respecting him for being the only person that has some integrity. If you ever have the opportunity you should check this out. This would be my first choice for a Fantozzi movie, with the first "Fantozzi" as a second choice. Those are the only two directed by Luciano Salce and the next sequels are definitely inferior. ABSOLUTELY avoid any Fantozzi movie past 1985. 9/10

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 7 / 10 / 10

IL SECONDO TRAGICO FANTOZZI (Luciano Salce, 1976) **1/2

The second, and arguably the best, entry in the FANTOZZI series is basically more of the same but here the results are even livelier and funnier. It goes without saying that all of the following are better watched and heard than read about and a knowledge of the Italian language is compulsory for fully appreciating this series in particular and most Italian comedies in general but, for what it's worth, here are the highlights of the film under review: 1) A superstitious boss takes Fantozzi to a gambling casino where the latter is mistaken for a homosexual and is subsequently forced by his boss to drink a case of sparkling water which inevitably causes Fantozzi to emit a gargantuan belch 2) The hunt which turns into a veritable battleground (complete with war tanks) and with the hunters eventually shooting on one another 3) The masterstroke of the film is the sequence which shows Fantozzi revolting against a film-fanatic superior of his when the employees are forced to watch Sergei Eisenstein's THE BATTELSHIP POTEMKIN (1925) for the nth time while there is an Italy vs. England football match being shown live on TV at the same time; Fantozzi blows his top and exclaims the immortal phrase: "For me, THE BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN is crazy s***" which is met by a flurry of applause by his (for once) appreciative colleagues, after which the superior's personal copy of the film is burnt and he is then himself forced to watch for three days running GIOVANNONA LONG-THIGH (1972), THE EXORCIST - Italian STYLE (1975) and a fictitious poliziottesco THE COPS ARE MAD!; the employees' eventual punishment is a weekly re-enactment of the famous Odessa steps sequence from Eisenstein's film with Fantozzi invariably being given the role of the baby in the ill-fated carriage! By the way, another favorite film of the superior to which the employees are often subjected to is Carl Dreyer's DAY OF WRATH (1943)! 4) Fantozzi receives free tickets for a circus performance during a period of sickness but decides to attend just the same highly camouflaged but, of course, he is immediately recognized by a superior of his and so tries to pass himself off as a circus performer with increasingly disastrous results including being fired from a cannon 5) A visit to a brothel with Reder and Anatrelli ends with the former in hospital (suffering the ire of a horde of unpaid taxi drivers) and Fantozzi himself sleeping outside his own flat as a watchdog (while the latter, who has since married Mazzamauro, goes on about his business on the inside with one of the girls they picked up) 6) A disastrous escapade with Mazzamauro shows Fantozzi incompetently performing several extreme physical feats so as to prove to her that he is even better than her husband 7) In the final sequence. Fantozzi goes back to work for the company as a human shield against lightning!

Reviewed by siderite 7 / 10 / 10

Underrated, but also difficult to rate

I am not Italian and I have been exposed to Fantozzi only through this movie. I have no idea how the others are or how funny it is when someone doesn't use the proper "congiuntivo". I also cannot understand why a movie that supposedly is one of the finest Italian comedies has only three reviewers. So let's start from there. Fantozzi is not a nice man. He is just as petty, selfish and insane as the other protagonists. The only thing he is got going for him is that he is the lowest of them. In his tragicomic attempts to upgrade his "level" in the corporate hierarchy, a fake value system that overwhelms everything, including his personal life, he goes further and further down on the scale of human beings. That is why I had a lot of trouble empathizing with the guy (since I am so wonderful, indeed). However that is not the point of the movie and, if I can presume that much, I would say that Fantozzi is not a real character, only a tool in this satire of the northern Italian capitalism of the 70's. The best American analogy I can think of is Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, but focused more on the perceived status of each person. Runaway classism where everybody fends for themselves and the owner of the corporation that produces everything and employs everybody is God, Fantozzi's world is funny only through the absurdity of the situation, but mostly tragical because of the reality it satires. Bottom line: Fantozzi is a piece of Italian culture. Italians laugh at it because they were raised with Fantozzi films. Also some of the language puns and implications are lost on other people. However this film is well done, well acted and has some scenes that are fantastically complex. I can't say that I was terribly amused by it, though, partly because I understood the horrible world it described and that still rears its ugly head in our lives even today and partly because the character is a stupid selfish man with whom I could not really connect. On a more shallow level, though, one can laugh at the absurdity of the situations, brilliantly pushed over the top by the makers.

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