I'll Be Seeing You


Drama / Family / Romance

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Ginger Rogers as Sherry Conley
John Derek as Tom Stark
Joseph Cotten as Priest
Shirley Temple as Philadelphia Thursday
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PretoriaDZ 8 / 10 / 10

Boy with Past Meets Girl with Past

Joseph Cotten's character Zack suffers from anxiety attacks. A vivid scene showing him have one would be good for people who do suffer from such attacks. His voice-over, talking to himself, telling himself that is isn't real, is exactly right because in the middle of one, nothing else in the world feels so real. He also gives Ginger Roger's character Mary a good description of what it feels like in a big battle - the only thing you experience is what's right in front of you, not how they show it in the movies with panoramic knowledge. One thing that is missing from the movie is any idea of what prison is like for Mary. I have heard of work release from prison but never vacations from prison. There is some nice gentle humor sprinkled throughout, particularly between Mary's uncle and his daughter, played by Shirley Temple. He chastises her for playing her music too loud and it's amusing to think that "war" has been going on for 70 years! I believe that "small", character driven stories like this stay with viewers much longer than the explosive, quick cut turkeys Hollywood seems to want to make today.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10 / 10

Bringing strength to each other

A pleasant film about two damaged people. Mary Marshall (Ginger Rogers) was jailed for manslaughter and has been given leave to spend time with her aunt and uncle over Christmas. She meets on the train Zachary Morgan (Joseph Cotten) who is having treatment in a military hospital for shell shock. The two get along, exchange details, go for dinner, a movie but are reluctant to tell each other the truth about themselves. We see Zachary getting irritated when he is reminded of his experiences of the war. Meanwhile Mary tells her young cousin that she accidentally killed her boss who tried to seduce her. This is a slightly cliched, melancholic and hokey tale of two lost and rather vulnerable people.

Reviewed by weezeralfalfa 4 / 10 / 10

I can't see it

This story is too slow, simple, and predictable for me. Furthermore, the premise of the plot is unrealistic. I can't believe any prison would let any inmates out on a holiday vacation, traveling wherever they wish! Either they are on parole or house arrest or they stay in prison until released. Similarly, I can't believe a mental hospital would allow a patient to go home or wherever during the holiday season unless they are considered an outpatient. As the story suggests, being out in a normal world may reduce mental symptoms if they find someone sympathetic to their problem. Shirley Temple is mainly decorative, exhibiting some of the characteristics of a teen at that time, but finally spilling the beans to Cotton that Ginger is a jailbird out on furlough..... Nearly a decade later, Joseph Cotton would again play a soldier suffering from lingering combat fatigue, in "Niagara", costarring Marilyn Monroe. The title song is a classic, and we hear it during the opening credits, as well as at a dance. It was published in 1938, included that year in the Broadway play "Right This Way". Along with the film, several artists recorded it in 1944.

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