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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jojomjohnson 2 / 10 / 10

Hard to follow

I give stars for costuming and an attempt at artistic cinematography. The pacing left something to be desired and the constant breaking of the third wall to narrate what was happening only served to slow the plot further. I could tell most of the actors were more acclimated to live theater acting because the overacting and over the top expressions were distracting. Perhaps this was a directional choice, but it was a poor one. While I loved the steampunk feel of the costumes and set, that was about the only thing I enjoyed about it. Everything else made this film hard to follow and even harder to continue watching to the end. I feel like I need to watch again to try to understand what's happening, but I don't think I could stand to suffer through it again. It was a fine attempt at an artistic style of film, but I feel it could have been much better with quicker pacing, less break away monologues, a captivating musical score, and all around better directing.

Reviewed by johnk-08548 / 10

Confusing at best

This movie was listed as horror, the slow plodding plot had me checking just how much movie was left that I had to suffer through. That was the only horror I had watching this. The characters were over acted and although the costumes were interesting (the only reason I gave it a star at all), it couldn't make up for the broken slow plot. I'm still wondering just what it is I watched.

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