I'm for the Hippopotamus


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mark-371 9 / 10 / 10

Terrific Terence Hill and Bud Spencer film!

"I'm for the Hippopotamus" is a good movie! It maybe hard for non Terence and Bud fans to like it, but its damn funny! Its about Slim and Tom having to stop a german tyrant called Jack Ormond from sending half the african wildlife to the Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada. It doesnt sound like much of a plot but there are some priceless scenes here, like the fights, the pawn shop "robbery", escaping from jail with a bulldozer, Silm drinks caviar mixed with butter,salt, pepper, and champagne. The whole casino bit! That was good! Joe Bugner's performance as Ormond was better than expected! IT'S A MUST FOR TERENCE AND BUD FANS LIKE MYSELF! My vote, 9/10. >

Reviewed by AriSquad 6 / 10 / 10

A very fun movie! Hill/Spencer fans will be very pleased

GRAU GRAU GRAU!! Love this movie! Only in a Spencer/Hill movie can you see a man eat a lobster whole, comic fight scenes, & a bulldozer jailbreak. This has to be one of the best non-western films the pair has done. They are out to save wildlife from the greed of poachers, The former heavy-weight champ bad guy is terrific. Spencer does a bunch of his fist hammers on the top of the bad guys heads (NEVER gets old to see that!)Hill avoids punches, moves out of the way so they end up punching a fellow bad guy (Also.. NEVER gets old!). Lots of fun in this film, Great comdey that was often duplicated by other filmakers but never done as good as these guys can do it. Track down a copy of this and sit back & enjoy it.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Amusement and entertainment is this new adventure with ours friends , this time well set in Africa

Two likable adventurers played by Hill and Spencer against the nasty Joe Bugner , an ex-boxer and big game hunter who dedicates to illegal smuggling . Entertaining and amusing African adventure with several comic touches . This time Terence Hill and Bud Spencer as adventurers in Africa taking on lots of dangers and feats against a group of hoodlums . Thin and blonde man named Slim ( Terence Hill) and stocky , bearded fatty named Tom ( Bud Spencer ) team up again as the valiant duo . The agreeable crew makes a new adventure movie plenty of fist-play , action and entertainment , though only for Hill and Spencer fans . This amusing film deal with ours intimate friends in Africa , they're nowadays two tourist swindlers , the blue-eyes and sympathetic Terence Hill and the grumpy and goofy Bud Spencer . There happens numerous adventures and silly struggles against nasties led by Ormond (Joe Bugner) a wildlife smuggler who takes animals to carry them to abroad menageries. This amusing , engaging movie is crammed of fist-fights , punches , kicks , moving stunt-work , colorful African outdoors and lots of humor . The picture is realized in similar style to ¨Africa Express¨ and ¨Safari Express¨ by Duccio Tessari with Giuliano Gemma . Terence Hill is top-notch as sympathetic freewheeling trader of goods with a dream , to save enough money ; and Bud Spencer is enjoyable in charge of a curious tourism agency ; meanwhile , both of whom taking on a group of smugglers . The lighting-paced storyline slows down at times , but frenetic fight-sequences and fun make up for it , besides includes a chimp getting into mischief , pranks and antics . It's an entertaining romp plenty of brawls , including amusing bounds and leaps . This is a nice and funny juvenile story for Hill and Spencer fans , as they are delightful and likable . It packs action, fist-play, slapdash, humor with tongue-in-cheek and is quite bemusing . This release has some cool and several hilarious moments , adding wonderful African landscapes . The film isn't always good , sometimes is fresh and diverting and on a couple of memorable occasions , it's frankly delicious. The movie displays innumerable laughters , jokes and slapstick . Catching and commercial musical score with marvelous leitmotif by Rizzati in Guido and Maurizio De Angelis style , including some beautiful songs , the first of them sung by Bud Spencer . The motion picture picture is compellingly directed by Italo Zingarelli who produced the Hill-Spencer's greatest hits as ¨They call me Trinity¨ , ¨Trinity is still my name¨ and other Spaghetti as ¨The five man army¨, ¨Johnny Yuma¨ and Peplum as ¨¨The seven Spartans¨, ¨The invincible gladiator ¨, ¨The secret seven¨ , ¨Ursus¨, and several others . This is a passable entertaining juvenile that will appeal to Italian comedy buffs. Rating : Acceptable and passable but only for Hill and Spencer fans.

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