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Brian Austin Green as Holden Gregg
Joe Manganiello as Max Fist
Kayla Ewell as Jen Crowe
Linden Ashby as Griff McCleary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jcsmit-1 3 / 10 / 10

IMPACT Point, I really didn't feel the impact

The movie didn't really do anything for me... The story was same old same old, just a different setting, with the same old psycho creep. The acting was bordering on okay but exaggerated, I don't know if volleyball players are suppose to be more annoying than cheerleaders but it seems so... Its a nice movie to watch when you're having some people over and actually just need something in the background while having a conversation... But if you want some thrills and scares, I'd think your better off renting The Little Mermaid. Some nice girls in bikini's help but the story is so full of plot holes, I'd rather watch this as an ultra-soft porn movie... But then again I don't like story lines in that kind of movies! Wait for it to appear on cable/satellite but don't pick this one up over something else at the video shop... You'd most probably regret it...

Reviewed by JohnGater100 3 / 10 / 10

An enjoyable movie

I found it entertaining and watchable. It has a bit of suspense, a bit of minor violence, a scary character, all overlaid onto a professional beach volley ball setting. The female cast, Melissa Keller and Kayla Ewell, do a great job in the competition scenes with the aid of some shrewd directing. Melissa Keller adds an engaging acting personality to her long established fashion and swimsuit modeling credentials. Some rear nudity shower scenes are the likely source of the R-rating, but this is not an offensive movie. Although lightly done, all of the summer entertainment features are present: great visuals, sports competition and personal best, rivalry, a very bad guy, police and crowd scenes, romance,...

Reviewed by autiger-1 3 / 10 / 10

Turn down the sound and enjoy the bikinis

Beyond the obvious attraction of bikini-clad volleyball players, there really isn't much good to say about this movie. The producers were wise to try to capitalize on the popularity of ladies beach volleyball, but the action on the beach isn't enough to carry the film. Overdone stalker plot, forced acting and a plot hole you could drive a Mack truck through. Is this the only police department on the planet with no access to a sketch artist? Enjoy the view, but don't expect much else.

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