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George Dzundza as Paul Landers
Jeff Fahey as Philip
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Theresa Russell as Marie Davenport
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ebert_jr 8 / 10 / 10

Fantastic, underrated...

Why can't all movies have the mood of films like this? What do I mean about mood? I'm talking about the feeling that you are somehow thrust into the world created by the film's are there, witness to the action and the drama. Other films that exhibit this charactersitc are 'body heat', 'hot spot', and various other film noir and independent films. I'm not saying this film is either, but it has the spirit of films like that. Russell carries the film with a very gritty performance that is just incredible to behold. She is completely believable as the sexy cool, street smart but soft spoken cop. I really, really like the way she totally immersed herself into this character. She was totally convincing! To me, anyway. I liked how she didn't have to say anything at all in certain scenes yet her facial expressions said so much about what she was thinking. Her character is really the hub that the story spins around. True, some elements of the film rely too much on the standard, stock and trade cop related drama and action film, but the parts that don't really elevate this film above the status quo. I can' recommend this film enough. The ending let me down a little but overall, wow...what an unusual, surprisingly good film. Russell is simply heavenly in this role. Who directed it is perhaps even more of a surprise.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 7 / 10 / 10

Loving your job too much.

After 'Ratboy (1986)', Sondra Locke would hone down her directorial skills with the vastly overlooked cop thriller 'Impulse'. The voluptuously headstrong Theresa Russell (who doesn't get enough recognition as it is) proves the talent she bestows, as the film asks for a vividly intriguing performance. And she provides a breakaway one as an undercover cop of the Vice squad. Not forgetting Jeff Fahey's outstandingly low-key turn in what could be seen as a breakthrough performance as an assistant district attorney. Along with Locke's moodily terse and measured direction that just takes you into that smoking film-noir ambiance; Russell and Fahey's performances are also the potent backbone to the appeal of the film. Where the film has its share of flaws comes mainly from the dramatically cluttered material, as it's story-bound rather than action-filled. It follows Russell's character as she pins perverts and drug peddlers, but soon she becomes so attached with the power play of the job that the impulsive fantasy of losing control and experiencing criminal temptation becomes overwhelming. The choice is there, and her repressed emotions are starting to crack and anxiety creeps in. Another element thrown into the mixture is the growing affection between Russell and Fahey's characters. This leads onto a complex (and where it hit's a bump is the somewhat implausible developments infesting its way within this) web of psychological, harrowing and heart-racing avenues, plus intensely raw thrills. Characters are actually well-rounded and show what makes them tick with some brooding shades showing. The technical side is professionally catered for with Michel Colombier's seductively sizzling, but at times jarring music score, sullen lighting tinges evoke presence, relaxed pacing and it's gorgeously shot with the Los Angeles backdrop painting a lasting mark. The support cast features capable turns by George Dzundza, Alan Rosenberg, Shawn Elliott and Eli Danker. A really surprisingly tight, mature and stylish thriller by Sandra Locke, but its Theresa Russell's powerfully stimulating performance that stays with you.

Reviewed by sol1218 7 / 10 / 10

There's just one reason to watch "Impulse"

Fairly interesting movie about an undercover policewoman which unfortunately gets muddled. As the story tries to cover too much ground that in the end leaves everyone watching confused and unconcerned about what it's trying to tell them. Trying to mix big time drug dealers and protected witnesses who the DA is trying to get to testify against their former associates, the mob, with an obsessive and corrupt police officer. Together with an undercover policewoman who has enough problems outside as well as inside the police department doesn't jell together in this very complicated and confusing movie. Besides all the negative things one can say about the movie "Impulse" the one very positive thing about the film is the appearance and acting of it's beautiful and talented star Teresa Russell. Teresa makes you, in many cases, forget the plot holes and inconsistencies of the movie just by watching her whenever she's on the screen.

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