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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by crossbow0106 6 / 10 / 10

Decent Film with Maggie and Sandra

This film is about cab driver Lung who is more than a little scarily obsessed with anchorperson Jenny Tung, played by Maggie Cheung. He feeds her stories that he witnesses while he's driving and they get to meet. He is infatuated with her, but is kind of rebuffed. A killer is loose, a vicious one, and you know they'll be involved somehow. Sandra Ng plays Ti, a fellow cabdriver. In one fun scene, she teaches him about a woman's erogenous zones to prepare for Lung's date with Jenny. She has her patently funny facial expressions and its fun to watch her, though you have the impression she also likes Lung. Nothing much to think about, just a cute horror/comedy film, more actually a drama than horror. Its always fun to see Sandra Ng and Maggie Cheung, so I recommend this film for that alone. Its worth your time.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10 / 10

Not an overly great movie...

Oddly enough, I have never seen "In Between Loves" (aka "Qiu ai ye jing hung") before now in 2020, despite the movie being from 1989. Especially odd since I am a huge fan of Maggie Cheung. But I finally got around to watching it, and I was intrigued, as the movie was listed as being a horror movie here on IMDb. Well, horror might be stretching it a bit. This was more of a light thriller if anything, given the movie had that traditional off-beat Hong Kong comedy to it as well as it trying to be a serious movie at the same time. For me, this movie was bland. Sure, it was enjoyable to watch Maggie Cheung perform in the movie, but the storyline was just mediocre. So that was not an overly great movie from 1989 that I had been missing out on. Aside from Maggie Cheung, "In Between Loves" also has Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, and she was quite enjoyable in the movie - as she usually tends to be in the movis that she is in. My rating of "In Between Loves" lands on a four out of ten stars, as the movie's storyline was just overly generic and didn't offer much of any real enjoyment.

Reviewed by OllieSuave-007 6 / 10 / 10

Average HK thriller to pass the time.

An OK thriller here from Hong Kong, where taxi driver Chang Hsin Lung (Alfred Cheung) is obsessed with TV news reporter Jenny Tung (Maggie Cheung). He attempts to gain her affection by assisting her in providing minor news events to cover, but is interfered by her arrogant lawyer boyfriend, John Liu (Lawrence Ng). He tells Lung that Tung is more interested in more major news stories, so, Lung helps Jenny cover the news on a string of murders plaguing the city, but, Jenny thinks Lung himself might have committed the crimes. It's a movie that is thrilling at first, but looses steam a little bit as the movie progresses. There's not really a lot of scary moments, but there are some suspense in the parts where the movie will leave you guessing whether the male lead is really the villain in the film. The acting was OK, though. Overall, it's quite an average thriller to pass the time. Grade C+

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